7 Things You Probably Missed While Watching ‘Love Is Blind’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

If you’ve watched Love Is Blind, then you’re already familiar with the absolutely bonkers aspects of the series (The pods! The accelerated timeline! The contestants!). But even if you’ve now finished the hit Netflix dating series, there are a handful of important moments that you may have missed. From Matt Barnett’s choice of footwear to the show’s evolution of wine glasses, here are seven can’t-miss details from the show.

nick lachey love is blind

1. Nick Lachey, Obviously

Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s involvement as the show’s hosts definitely seems like it was filmed after the fact, but that doesn’t mean it’s not endlessly entertaining. There’s their awkward advice while the contestants try on wedding dresses and tuxedos, their quick cameo in Mexico, and—most importantly—the moment they introduce themselves. In the first episode, Vanessa introduces herself as Vanessa Lachey and Nick famously quips, “And I’m obviously Nick Lachey, her husband.” Obviously. Maybe he didn’t mean it that way, but way to be cocky Nick Lachey.

gianina love is blind

2. The Glaring Continuity Errors

Reality shows don’t really set the bar high in terms of television editing artistry (except for maybe The Bachelor), but Love Is Blind really botched a couple of scenes in a fantastically entertaining way. Take, for instance, Jessica’s confessional interviews. One second she’ll be color-blocking in fuchsia lipstick and the next she’ll have bare lips. This also happens when Damian tells Gianina that his parents aren’t available to meet her. She’s doing her makeup while yelling at him. One moment she’ll be barefaced and the next she has a full cat eye. Lastly, when Cameron and Lauren first start walking to their romantic treehouse, it’s daytime and light out. By the time they cross the threshold it’s pitch-black. How long were they walking?!

amber love is blind

3. The Opaque Wine Glasses

It’s no secret that a lot of wine was consumed while filming Love Is Blind. But exactly how much wine contestants enjoyed gets muddled once they leave the safe environment of the pods. How? Well, in the pods, the contestants drink out of clear wine glasses. But, once they arrive in Mexico, the production switches them to gold opaque goblets. These goblets travel with the contestants all the way back to Atlanta where they move in together and even to their wedding days. There are a couple of exceptions (Jessica’s absurdly long-stemmed wine glasses in Chicago, for one), but we can’t help but wonder what’s so special about those glasses that they deserved to travel internationally? Were producers trying to hide how much drinking was really being done or was it just that they created less glare on camera? We may never know.

jessica love is blind

4. Jessica Is 34

OK, we’re being a little sarcastic about this one. There’s no chance you don’t know that Jessica is 34 years old because she mentions it at least 14 times per episode. We personally don’t think age should have any bearing on romantic status, but we sure know Jessica does.

barnett love is blind

5. Barnett’s Square Toed Boots

This little fact isn’t necessarily essential to your understanding of the show, but we’ll point it out anyway. Barnett doesn’t wear just any cowboy boots—his are square-toed. That’s not something you see every day.

lauren and cameron love is blind

6. Lauren’s Speed Earrings

If you, like us, were wondering why Lauren wore huge hoop earrings that read “Speed,” then allow us to clear things up. As it turns out, Lauren’s last name is Speed, so it was kind of like a monogram moment. Guess that means they weren’t a metaphor for the timeline of her relationship with Cameron (which we love, BTW).

barnett and therapy guy love is blind

7. That One Guy Gives Really Good Advice

Raise your hand if you totally thought the man photographed above chatting with Barnett was the cast therapist. Presumably, he’s a contestant that didn’t get a lot of airtime, but both times we spot him in the series he’s giving extremely wise advice about following your heart (both to Barnett and Mark). We vote that Netflix brings him back as a pseudo Chris Harrison for the next season.

PS: Netflix, if you’re reading this, we’re already ready for season two…

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