Guys, We Have an Update on ‘Love Is Blind’ Giannina & Damian’s Relationship and They’re Back Together

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

When we got hooked on a show where people get engaged after only speaking to each other behind a wall (yep, they never see each other) over a matter of days, we knew things were bound to get a little crazy. In Netflix’s new hit reality show, Love Is Blind, there’s everything from humiliating heartbreak to happy endings. But, as we learned in the reunion episode, there’s one major plot twist that no one saw coming.

As you may remember, Damian decided to say “I don’t” at the altar because of the up-and-down nature of his relationship with Giannina. She ran off (and slipped in mud), they got in a huge fight and all signs pointed to them never speaking again. So, imagine our surprise when the pair revealed at the reunion that they’re still totally together. Yes, the 25-year-old runaway (well, at least down the driveway) bride and 27-year-old almost-groom somehow worked things out.

They revealed on the show that they went into the wedding ceremony knowing that no matter what happened, they would continue their relationship. So, a couple of hours after Giannina’s slip in the mud and Damian’s surprise, the couple reunited and had a frank conversation about their relationship. They’ve been together ever since (over a year!) and are actually grateful that they took that time to strengthen their bond.

Damian opened up about the aftermath of their foiled wedding to People, saying, “It was hard on both of us. I really embarrassed her in front of her friends and family, especially after her not really being in it as much as I was the whole time…Saying ‘no’ to her at the altar broke my heart because it wasn’t to embarrass her. It wasn’t to hurt her. It was because it was the only way I saw if we had a chance to make this relationship work because I wasn’t going to lock her into something when she feels so free and she’s just got this free spirit about her and she’s always hated feeling locked down.”

He went on to admit, “It didn’t feel like our wedding day. I wouldn’t have had a wedding on a Thursday. And my family not being able to make it there was rough, too.”

Damian also noted that his family did in fact want to meet Giannina before the big day, the timing just didn’t work out. Now, they’re moving forward and building their future on their own terms.

Guess that proves love, although messy, is blind…Maybe.


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