Here’s What Every ‘Love Is Blind’ Couple Is Up to Now

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

If the Love Is Blind finale proved anything, it's that relationships can endure the most extreme ups and downs, like say, dating in screened-off pods and getting engaged after a few short days without ever seeing each other. Well, at least for two couples in the experiment. Yes, two couples did marry their fiancés at the end of the series, but we couldn’t help but wonder if their love would last after the cameras were turned off. Lucky for us, Netflix aired a reunion episode of the series. Spoiler alert: It was full of surprises.

Here, a recap of what every couple (and one former pop star) has been up to since the show.  

love is blind nick lachey obviously

1. Nick Lachey

Let’s start with the question everyone’s been wondering about: How has Nick Lachey been since the show wrapped? Well, the former 98 Degrees member confirmed he’s still, “obviously,” Nick Lachey. *Breathes sigh of relief*

love is blind amber and barnett

2. Amber & Barnett

Although Amber divulged her little debt issue and Barnett appeared to get cold feet before their wedding day, the couple is still going strong. They admitted that they’ve had their ups and downs and even, for a brief period, considered divorce. But, they worked past their problems (Barnett being accustomed to bachelor life and Amber depending on him financially) and have come out the other side stronger than ever. Still, they’ve proven not quite immune to some tell-tale signs of reality stardom: Amber is now a platinum blonde (and still just as in love with a cleavage baring dress as she’s always been) and Barnett has traded in his square-toed cowboy boots for…psychedelic print blazers?

love is blind lauren and cameron

3. Lauren & Cameron

As expected, Lauren and Cameron are doing great. Lauren may have been a bit fearful about saying “I do” after such a short time, but her decision paid off. Now, she and Cameron are expanding their family with—something Cameron never thought he’d do in a million years. And yes, they also have hopes of starting a human family down the line. We’re rooting for you guys!

love is blind mark and jessica

4. Jessica & Mark

On the opposite spectrum are Jessica and Mark. As you may remember, Jessica said “I don’t” after claiming she was really invested in the 24-year-old fitness trainer. After the show ended, Jessica moved back home to Chicago and started doing some work on herself. Watching her season, she felt embarrassed by how she treated Mark, the things she said and the amount she drank. She apologized to Mark for the way their relationship played out and to Amber for trying to steal Barnett under her nose. Mark accepted her apology and Amber called her a “sheisty b****.” Both Jessica and Mark remain single. (PS: Mark also did something different with his hair, but we can’t pinpoint what.)

love is blind kelly and kevin

5. Kenny & Kelly

If we’re being honest, the Kenny and Kelly breakup threw us for a loop. We totally thought these two had a rock-solid thing going until Kelly left Kenny at the altar. (He handled himself with dignity and grace, we might add.) Now, more than a year later, Kenny is very much in love with a new lady and is grateful that his relationship with Kelly led him to this new person. Kelly is still single and trying to learn more about herself and her own emotional roadblocks. 

love is blind damian giannina1

6. Giannina & Damian

Here’s a crazy fact: Giannina and Damian are still together—yes, even after he told her he couldn’t marry her and she ran down the driveway and slipped in mud dramatically. As the couple explained, they reunited after their ruined wedding and decided to weather through the storm. For now, they’re just focused on nurturing their relationship—from separate apartments—and aren’t rushing down the aisle any time soon.

love is blind diamond and carlton

7. Diamond & Carlton

Diamond and Carlton have come a long way since their blow-up fight at the pool in Mexico. (As a refresher, Carlton told Diamond about his fluid sexuality only after after they got engaged, and Diamond felt caught off guard by the withheld information. A huge fight transpired, a ring was thrown, and they broke up.) After they parted ways, Carlton eventually reached out to apologize for how everything went down. Diamond accepted his apology and they’re now working toward a friendship. Carlton is focused on doing emotional work on himself and Diamond is getting her Ph.D (yesss, girl!). He also returned the ring to her, because Diamond deserves all the diamonds.

We love a happy ending.


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