You Can Now Watch Lauren & Cameron Prove ‘Love Is Blind’ on Their New YouTube Channel

If you’re still asking yourself, I wonder how Lauren and Cameron are doing after the Love Is Blind reunion, then you’re in luck. The couple, who famously got engaged without ever seeing each other and are still married to this day, just announced they’re offering fans a glimpse into their relationship with a brand-new YouTube channel.

Lauren and Cameron, who’ve now been married a year and half (time flies when you’re the strongest couple to come out of a pod dating reality show), announced the news via Instagram. Lauren introduced their new endeavor as Hangin’ with the Hamiltons and explained that it will center on their relationship, travel and their new life as dog parents, and will showcase other lifestyle content, too.

“Although the shows over…our story is just beginning. We are so excited to continue our journey with you. Hangin’ with the Hamiltons will follow Cam and I through day-to-day adventures—our highs, lows and everything in between,” Lauren explained in her caption.

She went on to give fans a taste of what to expect, writing, “We talk relationship, date ideas, recipes for dinner at home, travel, blending families and raising a rascal of a dog. Everything is fair game.”

In the trailer for their new project, they thank everyone for the support they’ve received, call themselves “kind of a crazy pair” and introduce their new pup Spark (remember when Cameron thought he’d never in a million years get a dog? LOL).

The Hamiltons didn’t say when they’re planning to release episodes or if any other Love Is Blind couples will make cameos, but if you’re itching for a pod fix, this may just be the cure.


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