Kerry Washington Shares Footage of Her Dad on Instagram (& We Love His Sense of Humor)

If you've been following Kerry Washington on Instagram, then you already know that her regular installments of silly #DadJokes were a much needed highlight in 2020.

Ahead of New Year's Day, the Little Fires Everywhere star posted a video of herself and her father in sparkly New Year's accessories on Instagram. In the clip, she asks him to tell one last dad joke before the year ends—and of course, he doesn't disappoint. She wrote, "#DadJokes have been a way for both my dad and I to find moments of joy in this challenging year. Even the social distanced ones helped bring us closer together. Thanks for laughing with us...(or at us!?)."

In the video, when the actress prompts her father to tell his final joke of the year, he begins with, "I'd like to do some resolutions but...never mind." When his daughter asks why, he says, "Because they're only gonna go in one year...and out the other." So clever! 

But the fun doesn't end there. After Washington asks him to do one more joke, he continues, "Six is so afraid of nine." When she asks why, he says, "Because nine ate seven." The two then continue to count down, as if counting the last few seconds of the year, concluding it with a festive "Happy new year!"

In the caption, Washington encouraged fans to share their favorite dad jokes and asked if they should keep it going in 2021. Naturally, eager fans supported the idea and even encouraged the funny dad to start his own show. One commenter said, "He’s the cutest! His dad jokes made my day." Another wrote, "Your dad is adorable, he has to continue his dad jokes into the new year."

Looks like we'll be seeing even more of these funny jokes on our feed soon enough!

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