Kelly Ripa Shows Off Living Room Decor & Never-Before-Seen Family Pics in Latest IG Post

Kelly Ripa (AKA one of our favorite people) will be celebrating a milestone birthday tomorrow, and it looks like she's taking advantage of every last minute before she turns 50.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan co-star shared a throwback pic of an old mug that she received as a gift almost a decade ago—emphasis on *almost.* In addition to the white mug that reads "Lordy Lordy Look who's 40," Ripa wrote, "#Tbt 2010 this coffee cup is almost ten years old. Almost [side-eye emoji]."

The playful mug was purchased by her friend and executive producer Albert Bianchini, who responded with, "OMG!!! I feel like I bought it for you a week ago!" 

The cup is seen on a countertop or end table, which features an old-fashioned lamp and a few framed family photos. The one on the right is a vintage pic of Ripa's three children: Lola, Joaquin and Michael. And in the center, there's another happy pic of the fam on what appears to be a winter trip together. On the left, we see a snap of Ripa and Joaquin smiling at each other as they attend a black-tie event. It's only a small glimpse, but we imagine that an even bigger collection of Ripa's family photos are on full display throughout her home.

Fans began to wish the mom a happy early birthday and, understandably, some initially thought that Ripa was about to turn 40, rather than 50. One person wrote, "Oh gee, I was thinking you are just turning 40!" Another fan joked, "Just tell everyone you’re 35. They’ll believe it." We certainly would!

Wishing the happiest of (early) birthdays to you, Kelly. We can't wait to see the celebration photos!

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