10 Kelly Ripa Instagram Photos That Prove She's the Queen of Throwback Thursdays

We admit it: Scrolling through Kelly Ripa's throwback pics on Instagram has been one of our favorite quarantine activities. Why, you might ask? Well, for one, few celebs can entertain us with rare family snaps and epic recreations quite like her. Plus, the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host is pretty clever when it comes to her captions, making her posts all the more entertaining.

Here, 10 of our favorite Kelly Ripa posts that prove she's a Throwback Thursday queen.

1. The Dance Years

In 2019, Ripa shared a throwback from her childhood dancing days, complete with braided pigtails and a polka-dot bow. "#Tbt the 70’s Dance 10 looks 3…" she wrote. Her husband added a sweet response, commenting, “10.. 10… always.”

2. The Patriotic Siblings

In this post, Ripa and her sister Linda are sitting on a decorated trike and wagon in matching red dresses and colorful flowered hats. Patriotism at its finest.

Ripa said, "Happy Fourth of July!!!! May your trike match your wagon and your hat match your bathing suit. Circa 1974. #fourthofjuly"

3. The Big Hair Phase

Ripa looks almost unrecognizable with her blue eye shadow and big, fluffy hair. This blast from the past is giving us serious '80s vibes, but we're not complaining. In the caption, she simply wrote, "#tbt #aquanet," citing the classic super-hold hairspray.

4. The Stylish Mother-daughter Duo

It's easy to see where Ripa's impressive sense of style comes from. She and her mom are color-coordinated as they head to church in this throwback, which she shared in April.

She wrote, "#tbt circa 1975-ish. A reminder you can still dress up for ZOOM church. Notice how mom coordinated her suit to my bunny/bonnet/dress."

5. Esther's Mother's Day Tribute

Ripa celebrated her mom with this sweet throwback pic for Mother's Day in 2015. In it, she, her mom and her sister sport matching red and white outfits.

She wrote, "In honor of Mother's Day a flashback photo from July 1973. I love you mom! [heart emojis] (she will never see this. She doesn't have Instagram)."

6. The Consuelos Family, Unfiltered

Ripa posted this pic of a much younger Consuelos trying to cradle their son, Michael, and their crying daughter, Lola. Ripa captioned the snap, "#fbf June 2001. Going from one to two seemed like a big deal at the time, but @instasuelos has always been a multitasker #daddy #toddler#newborn."

Consuelos responded that he would “give anything to go back there for just one day.”

7. The Recreated Family Beach Photo

In this post, Ripa not only revealed an old family photo, but she also flawlessly recreated it 17 years later. And the look on her face is just priceless.

In the caption, she wrote, "#TBT 2003 vs. 2020 *Objects may appear larger."

8. The 'all My Children' Flashback

Not too many couples can boast that they've tied the knot on screen and in real life. The All My Children alum treated her followers to this nostalgic throwback with her husband in 2018. She wrote, "#tbt 1998ish Hayley and Mateo, and Mateo’s hair line. (For better or for worse) #allmychildren."

9. The Easter Throwback

While encouraging fans to submit their most "buntastic" Easter pics to Live with Kelly and Ryan, the TV host joined in on the fun and shared this rare gem. Lola was clearly not a big fan of the Easter Bunny in her younger years...

10. Esther's Birthday Tribute

To celebrate her mom's birthday in 2019, Ripa shared a collection of her mom's childhood photos, as well as a few snaps of Esther with Ripa's dad, Joseph. And we can totally see the resemblance!

She wrote, "Happy birthday mom! Even though you don’t have Instagram, this public declaration makes it possible for other people to tell you how much i love you!"

Keep these throwbacks coming, Kelly!

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