Kelly Ripa Reveals Why Quarantine Was Actually the Best Thing for Her Hair

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If there's one thing that we've learned from Kelly Ripa's Instagram feed, it's that she has no shame in showing her gray roots. All throughout quarantine, the TV host has been updating fans about the progression of her natural gray hair, even as she worked remotely on Live With Kelly and Ryan. But after finally reuniting with her co-host to do a live taping, Ripa revealed that social distancing has actually worked wonders for her tresses.

When the mother of three made her first trip back to the salon post-quarantine to prepare for the show, she noticed a big difference in the quality and texture of her hair. During their first in-studio taping, she said, "It has gotten insanely long and thick. It’s like I forgot how much hair I had because I had been putting pieces in and clipping [extensions] in. This is all my hair. And it’s, like, incredibly long and thick and I think it’s from not styling it, not coloring it."

Ripa also explained that her low-maintenance routine led her see her natural curls again. She continued, "There’s something to be said about shooting your show through a computer screen at home and not washing your hair and styling it every day. My hair is curly too, which I forgot because I spent so much time blowing it out only to put curls back into it. But it’s actually very, very wiry hair."

Although her mane clearly thrived without steady salon visits, Ripa shared that it "felt incredible" to finally get her hair done professionally. She got it colored and explained the entire process, adding that she had to exercise caution and wear her mask due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She said, "We did the base coat. We did the foils. We did the hair dryer. The whole thing. It felt very safe."

And from what we've seen, the end result was simply fabulous.

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