Kelly Ripa Reveals the New Way She & Ryan Seacrest Start ‘Live’ Now

Who said a morning show needs to begin with the hosts walking onto the stage excitedly? Not Kelly Ripa. The 50-year-old TV personality just jokingly announced the new way she and her cohost, Ryan Seacrest, will be starting Live with Kelly and Ryan from now on.

Before Thursday’s episode of the show, the Live producers shared a behind-the-scenes clip (right on queue) of the All My Children alum and the American Idol star on set waiting for the show to begin. And while they usually walk from their respective ends of the stage to their seats, this time, Ripa explained, was going to be a tiny bit different.

“This is how we start the show now,” Ripa quipped while standing stoically next to her seat. “We start the show just posing. We’re placed here like action figures of ourselves. We’re really just here for the cheers and the admiration.” And by the sound of Seacrest's reaction, he totally agrees.

While we know Ripa was totally joking, the tactic would never work regardless, considering both she and her cohost/pal are two very high energy individuals and always start off the show with tons of enthusiasm (and in some cases even silly dances).

Take yesterday for example. In another BTS clip, when Ripa arrived on set, she was welcomed by a round of applause (per usual). After it died down, Seacrest motioned for Ripa to take center stage, where she showed off a flashy blouse receiving a renewed bout of applause.

Stick with the high-energy entrances, you two.

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