Kelly Ripa Looks...*Semi* Impressed by Ryan Seacrest's Dance Moves on ‘Live’

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest may be co-workers but they’re also pretty close pals. And as BFFs do, they will take any occasion to poke fun at one another (even on live television). So, we weren’t totally surprised when Ripa looked less than amused this morning, while Seacrest showed off some silly dance moves.

On Friday, the producers of Live with Kelly and Ryan shared a behind-the-scenes clip of the 50-year-old actress and her 45-year-old co-host celebrating the start of the weekend (we can relate). In the clip, posted on the official Live Instagram account, we see the American Idol alum running and dancing goofily. While Seacrest continues his performance, Ripa points at him (obviously un-impressed) and gives a smirk to the camera. “Yup! It’s Friday!!” the caption read.

The hosting duo are no strangers to playing around on set. In fact, the All My Children star recently released the latest promo for the morning show. The video includes footage of both Ripa and her co-host living the Live studio.

The video montage features the hosting pair riding scooters on stage, making cocktails, cooking dinner together (chicken to be exact) and brushing their teeth. Finally, the two TV personalities, looking super comfy in their pajamas, say their goodnights as they head into their separate dressing rooms and get into their beds.

Who said work had to be boring? Definitely not these two.

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