Kelly Ripa Has Been Spending a Little Too Much Time with Ryan Seacrest—Here’s How We Know

You know what they say: physically distanced, telepathically close.

They don’t actually say that, of course, but Live with Kelly and Ryan hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are making a case for the concept. In the TV hosts’ most recent behind-the-scenes video shared on Instagram, 49-year-old Ripa claims she and Seacrest are now “psychically communicating” as they make their way to the Live production stage.

“I just started a sentence and she finished it, so it’s going great,” Seacrest, 45, confirms. We suppose that’s what happens when the only person you’re spending qualtiy time with outside your immediate family is your co-host.

Prior to this month’s return to the studio, Ripa had been virtually hosting Live from her kitchen since March due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And while it wasn’t quite the same without Seacrest or an audience, we appreciated the bonus perk that came with it: an unofficial Ripa-Consuelos house tour, with views of the family bathroompoolat-home gymbackyardlandscaping and husband Mark Consuelos’s abs.

On the plus side, Ripa’s return to the studio means we get to see both her designer wardrobe and her commuter outfits, which are approximately 1,000 times fancier than the sweatpants and leggings we’ve been wearing to make the commute from our bed to our couch these days. Think casual T-shirts and menswear-inspired jackets paired with denim capris, sneakers and face masks (duh).

Now we’re back to Ripa and Seacrest’s usual in-studio banter, even while they stay at least six feet apart at all times. What do you think, psychic powers or just spending too much time together?

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