Kelly Clarkson Reveals Why the ‘Ugly Dolls’ Theme Song Is Her Favorite

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Adele and Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, J.Lo and Joanna Gaines... There’s nothing better than two of our favorite celebs fangirling over one another.

Add to the list: Kelly Clarkson and Pink. In fact, the American Idol alumnus said that the duo’s latest collaboration for the upcoming movie, Ugly Dolls, is “one of my favorite things that I’ve ever been able to record.” (But, just so you know, we will never stop listening to “Breakaway”…)

ICYMI: Ugly Dolls is an animated film that centers on a blobby little “doll” named Moxy, voiced by the “I Don’t Think About You” singer. Clarkson’s character embarks on a journey where she learns all about the beauty behind one’s imperfections and the idea that you don’t need to be just like everyone else to be accepted. Yes, taking tissues to the theater is required.

The film’s theme song is a pop single sung by the 36-year-old mother called “Broken & Beautiful.” Clarkson opened up to People about the meaning of the song, which talks about the idea of being perfectly imperfect.

“There couldn’t have been a more perfect song written for the whole theme of this movie,” she told People. “And broken meaning not damaged, broken just meaning everybody’s under construction.”

The song holds a special place in Clarkson’s heart mainly because Pink wrote it, and Clarkson said she’s a “huge fan.”

This isn’t the first time these two have worked together (and professed their love for one another). Back in 2017, before the two singers performed at the American Music Awards, Clarkson shared her excitement via Twitter.

“Gonna play it super cool whilst singing with @Pink this Sunday at the #AMAs... but know on the inside I will be freaking the &$@! Out. #oneofthegreatestvocalistsofourgeneration #sheissorad,” she tweeted.

Freaking out too, Kelly. Ugly Dolls hits theaters on May 3, 2019.

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