Netflix Just Dropped the First ‘Glow’ Season 3 Photos & the Outfits Are Vegas Times 100

Everyone who’s anyone has a Las Vegas residency (read: Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani). Now, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are getting their very own Vegas run. And from the looks of the photos Netflix just released, it’s going to be a lot.

The streaming platform dropped five photos ahead of the Glow season three premiere that feature Ruth (Alison Brie), Debbie (Betty Gilpin) and company settling into Sin City (and their gregarious costumes).

As a quick refresher, the season two finale saw the GLOW show (the one within the Netflix show) getting cancelled. Thanks to some fast thinking, Ray (Horatio Sanz) set the girls up as headliners at the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino in Vegas. The season three logline teases that Ruth’s enthusiasm for the show will wane as her personal life becomes even more complicated. Debbie will grapple with the guilt of being away from her son while trying to balance being a producer and performer. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls will try to soak it all up without losing themselves in the process.

Here, five photos from the upcoming season. All ten episodes premiere on Friday, August 9.

Ali Goldstein/Netflix

The Ladies Hit The Tables

But is lady luck on their side? With those outfits, we’re not so sure.

Ali Goldstein/Netflix

Debbie Plays The Multihyphenate Game

Her plate is full between playing Liberty Belle and producing the show, and being away from her son makes things even harder.

Ali Goldstein/Netflix

Ruth & Carmen Watch From Behind The Scenes

That hat never ceases to make us chuckle.

Ali Goldstein/Netflix

Ruth & Debbie Soak Up Sin City

The eye shadow, the ruffles, the hair—there’s a lot to take in here.

Ali Goldstein/Netflix

The Ladies See Their Names In Lights

January to April is a long run. We can’t wait to see what happens.