Alison Brie Reveals How ‘GLOW’ Changed the Way She Thinks About Her Body

Alison Brie just revealed how GLOW altered her perception of body image, and all we have to say is yaaasss!

The 35-year-old actress recently teamed up with Jessica Biel for an interview with Variety’s “Actors on Actors,” where they discussed how the entertainment industry is changing since the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. Brie admitted that her new Netflix series is a prime example of how Hollywood is adapting for the better, and we couldn’t agree more.

She said, “The first thing that they told everyone is: ‘We want you to be able to do your own wrestling. It’s very important to the show, we want you guys to be able to do your own moves, but we don’t want you to change your bodies. We want all different body types represented on this show, we cast you, we like you for who you are.’”

The Community star also revealed that working on GLOW was a bit of a wakeup call, considering she’s never worked on a project with so many female showrunners, directors and crew members.

“It really was a different way of thinking about my body as a woman in this industry, coming from years of thinking ‘I have to be really skinny to get a part, I have to be really sexually appealing for men to want to cast me,’ and this felt much more geared toward strength, and it really changed the way I was working out and I was training,” she added.

Welp, we love this so much. Season two of GLOW will hit Netflix on Friday, June 29.


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