Cookie Addicts, Rejoice: You Can Now Buy Edible Oreo Cookie Dough

oreo cookie dough hero

Honestly? We make cookies just for an excuse to sneak a spoonful of the raw dough. We know, we know, it’s “bad for us.” Thankfully, the edible cookie dough trend has hit the mainstream, and we can eat the good stuff without worrying about a surprise bout of salmonella (no thank you).

Even better news: The Cookie Dough Café (once featured on our other favorite guilty pleasure, Shark Tank) has just added Oreo to its flavor lineup, which means we can have our two favorite snacks in one jar.

But there’s one caveat. The company already sells a Cookies and Cream dough, so we’re left to wonder what makes this Oreo-version different…perhaps real Oreos in the recipe? (We’re not complaining. Give us all the Oreos.)

Keep your eyes peeled for this baby on store shelves in the near future. In the meantime, other flavors can be bought on the Cookie Dough Café website or

And if you just can’t wait for that dough, why not make your own?

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