Dirty Lemon Is Launching Aloe Water and It Tastes Like a Mojito

We've long known the benefits of aloe, especially after years of tempting the sun again and again with our pasty winter complexion. (Don't "at" us, Mom.)

But did you know you could cure your sunburn and drink your aloe, too? (Please, for the love of God, do not start mixing your sunburn spray into your cup of tea.)

Yep, drinking the juice that comes from the aloe vera plant (a thick and gooey liquid that can be watered down and purified into a consumable substance) can also hydrate skin cells. Some studies even claim aloe vera can reverse the effects of aging by reducing wrinkles, clear skin of acne-causing bacteria and stimulate collagen production for a smoother and more elastic complexion. (Fountain of Youth…right this way?!)

That's why purveyor of trendy (and, dare we say, Instagram-worthy) wellness drinks Dirty Lemon has just released their latest concoction…and claims it tastes like a mojito. Yep, we're listening now, too.

In addition to their sleep drinkRetinol elixirCBD drinkenergy drink and chromium elixir, Dirty Lemon just launched +aloe, a limited-edition aloe water for summer that claims to hydrate sun-parched skin from the inside out.

The best part? The 16-ounce bottle contains only 15 calories, 1 gram of sugar, zero grams of fat, and is vegan and non-GMO. The ingredients are purified water, organic lemon juice, coconut water, aloe vera juice, Luo Han Guo and Lucuma (two fruits known for their sweetness and often used as a natural sugar substitute), lime extract, vanilla extract, mint extract, ocean minerals and Himalayan pink sea salt for electrolytes.

The buzzy drink is available for preorders starting now, and retails for $60 per case of six bottles (aka $10 a pop). 

The perfect replenishment between rounds of poolside rosé? We'll take 40…cases.


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