Dirty Lemon’s Next Launch Is the First of Its Kind (and We Have Some Questions)

dirty lemon retinol drink

It seems like only yesterday that Dirty Lemon launched a new drink. (So it was a month ago…close enough.) Now, the functional beverage brand is at it again, and jumping on a beauty bandwagon in the process.

Introducing Dirty Lemon +Retinol, a first-of-its-kind “beauty elixir” formulated with ever-so-buzzy vitamin A. It’s said to treat the signs of skin aging from the inside out, so naturally, we had questions.

First of all, how can you drink retinol? According to a press release, the drink is made with “pro-retinols,” which are “a milder form of vitamin A derived from retinyl esters that metabolize in the body as retinoic acid.” Translation: It’s not as intense as the prescription formerly known as Accutane (which was our first concern). Basically, +Retinol is meant to combat fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness by stimulating the production of skin cell turnover and collagen. It even claims to reduce redness and inflammation.

In addition to all that vitamin A, each bottle also contains pineapple juice (an anti-inflammatory), ginger (an antibacterial) and hibiscus flower (an antioxidant), along with black cherry and pomegranate. From ingredients alone, it sounds like a lemony fruit punch. And $45 per case (that’s six bottles) isn’t cheap, but we’ve also spent three times that much in a single Sephora trip. Worth it? We’ll have to taste it first.

We hate to rub it in, but…did we not predict earlier this year that retinol would be huge? Just saying.

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