Not to Be Hyperbolic, but This Brand-New Beyoncé Meme Is Everything

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been known to attend their fair share of basketball games, courtside. Sometimes Blue Ivy even makes an appearance. But what happened at last night’s Golden State Warriors versus Toronto Raptors playoff game three wasn’t your average Jay and Bey b-ball outing. So, it should be no surprise that their date night went viral.

It all started when the 37-year-old Grammy winner and her husband of 11 years were minding their own business sitting courtside at one of the most important games of the season. As we imagine is usual for them, they waved across the court at people and smiled their mega-watt smiles as their faces appeared on the Jumbotron. All was going well…until the Warriors owner’s wife, Nicole Lacob, got all up in their business.

Bey’s huge smile suddenly devolved into a blank stare akin to Chrissy Teigen’s now famous Golden Globes nervous smile meme. See for yourself.

You’ll notice that Yoncé looks just a smidge bored as Lacob talks across her to Jay-Z (how dare she). Then, Lacob appears to say something that displeases Queen B even more. She suddenly appears very over the conversation and looks down at her lap. Girl, bye!

But the true cherry on top comes after Lacob removes herself from Beyoncé’s periphery. Yoncé scoots her bottom over and nudges her shoulder in Lacob’s direction to reclaim her space on the throne, er, chair. All we can say is yaass, Queen Bey.

Naturally, Twitter went crazy with the arrival of the new meme. One Twitter user, writer Kara R. Brown, wrote, “I would leave the earth if Beyonce looked this ready to smack me.” Same. Editor Brandon Caldwell tweeted, “Beyoncé is so annoyed by this woman and HOV gon’ hear about it on the jet.” Also accurate. We put our own spin on it below. 

The Toronto Raptors may have won last night’s game, but the true victor was Beyoncé and her brand-new meme. 


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