Hannah Brown Meets the Contestants in ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 15 Premiere

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Welcome back to what Chris Harrison would call another dramatic season of The Bachelorette. Tonight, Hannah Brown met her strapping contestants and learned the hard way that first impressions and alcohol don’t always pair well together. Here’s what went down in the season 15 premiere of the ABC series.

hannah brown bachelorette premiere
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Meet Hannah B.

The episode begins with a reintroduction to Hannah’s journey to becoming the Bachelorette. This includes a cheesy montage featuring the beauty queen explaining what she’s looking for in a future partner, and yes, she’s just as awkward as you’d expect.

She says, “I have no idea what I’m doing.” We get it.

Ready or not, it’s officially time for Hannah to meet the suitors. Keep reading for all the details on the limo arrivals.

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Introducing The Contestants

Garrett: He’s a professional golfer who is also from Birmingham, Alabama.

Mike: He’s a great-grandma’s boy.

Jed: He’s from Nashville and “can’t wait to know Hannah’s heart.” Barf.

Tyler C.: He says her “smile is worth every mile.”

Dylan: He’s really, really glad that Hannah is the Bachelorette.

Connor S.: He reenacts Colton Underwood’s fence jump. Ten points for creativity.

Devin: He claims he’s a virgin and then says he’s joking. Womp, womp.

John Paul Jones: He insists on being called John Paul Jones. Try saying that three times fast.

Brian: He can’t stop giggling.

Daron: He delivers a well-rehearsed speech about getting to know her.

joe box the bachelorette hannah brown
ABC/John Fleenor

Scott: The poor guy can barely string a sentence together due to nerves.

Matteo: Ditto.

Tyler G.: He claims that Hannah is quite literally the girl of his dreams.

Thomas: Another member of Team Hannah.

Matthew: His breath gets taken away…literally.

Joe: He sells boxes for a living, so he arrives in a box. Go figure.

Joey: He brings a car seat containing Champagne.

Connor J.: He confuses her with a foreign language.

Ryan: He expresses his love for Roll Tide with roller blades.

Hunter: He makes a joke about tying the knot.

hannah brown proposal the bachelorette
ABC/John Fleenor

Grant: He has mustard in his mouth. Yikes.

Jonathan: He shows up with a pizza and makes a joke about giving her “a pizz-a his heart.” Get it?

Kevin: He brings enough footballs for an entire team.

Luke P.: He uses the sunroof instead of the door. Clever.

Luke S.: He applauds her “calming presence.”

Dustin: You probably remember him from The Bachelor finale.

Cam: Although he already has a rose, he woos her with yet another freestyle rap.

Matt D.: He arrives on a tractor.

Chasen: He made her a paper airplane. Awww.

Peter: He’s an airline pilot who is low-key trying to be the next Jake Pavelka.

bachelorette hannah brown toast
ABC/John Fleenor

The Scott Drama

When Hannah enters the mansion, she immediately dives into a speech about what’s to come. “I don’t want perfect—I want real,” she says. After confirming that her husband is, in fact, in the room, the group toasts to the start of the season.

What happens next is a whirlwind of typical steals, small talk and original songs. While Luke P. is the first person to steal her away, Cam lands the first kiss of the season. Right on cue, Harrison presents the first impression rose, which almost gets forgotten about thanks to the forthcoming events.

It all starts when former Bachelor contestants Demi Burnett and Katie Morton reveal that they’ve been watching Hannah in a nearby surveillance van. You see, someone reached out to Demi on social media and provided evidence that one of the men—Scott—has a girlfriend back home. So, when Hannah sits down with him, the pair pull her aside and fill her in on what’s happening.

Hannah immediately re-enters the mansion and says, “Hey, Scott. We need to talk.” When she confronts him, he admits that he dumped someone prior to coming on the show, so Hannah sends him home.

hannah brown rose ceremony the bachelorette
ABC/John Fleenor

The Roses

Later on, Hannah returns to the group, and after a few more one-on-one conversations, ends up giving the first impression rose to Luke P.

At the rose ceremony, Hannah hands out flowers to everyone but Hunter, Thomas, Matt D., Ryan, Joe, Brian and Chasen.

So, is the beauty queen among the man of her dreams? Guess we’ll have to wait until The Bachelorette returns to ABC next Monday, May 20, at 8 p.m.

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