Hannah Brown’s Journey Comes to an End in the Dramatic ‘Bachelorette’ Finale

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Last night on The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown embarked on her last date with each of her final two suitors: Jed and Tyler. And now, the 24-year-old beauty queen chooses a winner before sitting down in real time to discuss what’s happened since the show stopped filming.

Here’s what went down in the dramatic conclusion of Brown’s journey to find love.

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Where Is Hannah's Head At?

The episode opens on Chris Harrison welcoming viewers to the second half of the finale. After describing Brown’s upcoming proposal as “cringeworthy,” the host brings us back to Greece, where the Bachelorette is preparing for the final rose ceremony.

Previously, Brown never felt like she was enough. But now that she’s gone through this experience, she’s ready to welcome someone into her life.

“I have been falling in love with both Jed and Tyler through this,” she says.

Cut to Jed and Tyler sitting down with Neil Lane on separate occasions to pick out engagement rings.

On the way to the ceremony, Brown is overcome with emotions and asks her driver to pull over, saying, “I can’t do this. Can you stop the car?”

After twisting her ankle and falling to the ground, Brown calms herself down before getting back in the van.

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Who Does She Choose?

When she arrives, Brown immediately takes her position next to a single rose. The first van pulls up, and we’re devastated to see Tyler emerge from the back seat. (As we all know, the first person never receives good news.)

After making his way down the extremely long path, Tyler greets Brown with a hug before diving into a speech about how they’ve reached “the peak of our journey.” When Tyler says he loves her, Brown interrupts him, saying, “Tyler…”

Tyler looks off in the distance, knowing exactly what’s coming. “This is it, isn’t it?” he says.

Brown takes a few long, deep breaths before breaking down in tears, saying that Tyler has done nothing but love her. But, at the end of the day, she can’t let him get down on one knee.

“I love someone else,” she says.

Tyler handles it like a total pro, saying that it’s “going to hurt,” but that he’s still her “biggest fan.” (Can somebody get this guy a “next Bachelor” sash?)

Later on, Jed greets Brown in the same exact spot…with his guitar. *Eye roll* After diving into a cheesy speech, Jed reveals that he never thought he could “love someone this fast.” He proceeds to play a never-before-heard song that he wrote about their time on the show.

When he’s done, Brown reveals that she’s in “complete love” with him. So, Jed gets down on one knee and presents her with a Neil Lane sparkler, to which she happily says, “Yes!”

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Are Hannah & Jed Still Engaged?

After playing a cell phone video taken moments after the proposal, the episode cuts to Brown chatting with producers, claiming that she and Jed got along really well. However, that all changed when the show stopped filming.

Two nights after the engagement, Jed told Brown that he was dating someone prior to coming on the show. When the news went public, Brown realized that his story didn’t match his ex-girlfriend’s. After some digging, she came to the conclusion that he’s not the person she wants to marry.

So, in present day, Brown invites Jed over for a not-at-all-private conversation about where they stand. Following an awkward silence, Brown asks why he wasn’t honest with her.

Jed claims there are two sides to his story. Basically, he thought they were casually dating, while his ex-girlfriend assumed it was something more. When he was contacted about the show, he called off their relationship…but not before telling her he loves her.  

Brown calls Jed “selfish,” demanding to know if he’s aware what he’s done. Not only does she feel “betrayed,” but she also doesn’t think he’s ready to be engaged.

“I’m ill,” she says before excusing herself.

When Brown returns, Jed dives into a sad speech, saying he’ll do anything to make things better. Brown says that she needs “100% honesty,” which he apparently can’t do. Now that everything is out in the open, she understands why his family seemed so hesitant during their hometown date.

“I just feel like this experience has been taken away from me… That’s not what I said ‘yes’ to,” Brown says before taking off the engagement ring.

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What Now?

Back in the studio, Brown joins Harrison onstage to discuss what we just saw. Although she didn’t anticipate her journey ending this way, too much happened after the show for her to ignore the red flags.

When Harrison asks where her relationship stands, Brown responds, “I’m not with Jed anymore. The engagement is over. We’re not together.”

After the commercial break, Brown sees Jed for the first time since their breakup. He immediately apologizes for ruining what they had and taking this experience away from her. Jed feels responsible for everything that happened, though he didn’t mean for his actions to be malicious.

Although Brown appreciates his apology, she admits that “it’s just so messed up. It’s sad.” While Jed still has feelings for the Bachelorette, Brown doesn’t “love him like that anymore.”

Jed, on the other hand, is on a completely different page. “My love for you, I don’t think it will ever leave me,” he says. “It’s there to stay.” (Barf.)

When Jed leaves the stage, Brown admits that she’s still “grieving” her relationship with Tyler, which prompts Harrison to bring him onstage.

“Let’s see what happens here,” Harrison says.

After making their introductions, the couple talks about the last time they saw each other before addressing the elephant in the room: Brown’s feelings for Tyler. After confessing her love for him (seriously), she asks him on a date.

“I would love to,” Tyler says. “Just tell me when, and I’m there.”

Well…that was unexpected.


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