12 Real Women on Their Greatest $10 Purchase

Scoring something truly fantastic on the cheap is always our shopping goal. And $10? Well, that’s a price point we can definitely get behind. We polled 12 real women to find the best thing they ever bought with a $10 bill.

10 Little $10 Ways to Make Your Home Prettier

a cord cover from ikea

Cable Covers

“Disguising my ugly TV and sound system wires has brought me endless peace and happiness.” – Grace H.

Ikea plug cover ($7)

a wooden foot massager

A Foot Roller

“Unfortunately, I have flat feet, so my arches feel tired and achy by the end of the day. This tiny foot roller is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from tired feet.” - Rachel G.

TheraFlow foot massager ($6)

beauty and makeup hair clips

Hair Clips

“I cannot live with out these clips to keep my hair back while washing my face or putting on my makeup.” – Sally H.

Madholly hair clips ($8)

a popsocket on a phone

A Popsocket

“This has saved me from dropping my phone a million times over. Definitely worth the $10.” – Bobbie D.

Popsocket ($10)

the texture app on an ipad and phone

An Unlimited Magazine Subscription

“For $10 a month, I have unlimited access to my favorite magazines from my phone or iPad. The print content is beautifully optimized to fit your screen and the scrolling functionality is spot on. Gone are the days of splurging for four magazines for a long-haul flight!” – Madison R.

Texture ($10 per month for Apple and Android)

a sweater shaver

A Sweater Shaver

“As a self-proclaimed knitwear freak, I live in sweaters from October to April. So when they started to look sad and shabby, I did some research and found this sweater shaver. It gets rid of those little fuzzballs like a charm and keeps my sweaters looking brand-new...and it's really satisfying to use." – Katherine G.

Evercare electric fabric shaver ($8)

amazon plastic bag organizer

A Bag Bag

For the longest time I would stuff reusable plastic bags from the grocery store inside of a plastic bag underneath my kitchen sink. Often, the bag would topple over, or tear and I was left with a mess of bags underneath my sink. Not cool. Then I found these tidy little mesh bags that not only hold more bags, but store them discreetly! – Matt B.

AKAZA bag organizer ($8)

woman listening to music on spotify
damircudic/Getty Images

Spotify Premium

“I can’t imagine my life without it now! It has been a real game changer in making my commute so much better.” – Lisa D.

Spotify Premium membership ($10 per month)

a dry brush

A Dry Brush

“When I first heard about dry brushing I was a little skeptical and doubted it would really do anything except irritate my skin. But because this brush was so cheap (and literally everyone was talking about the benefits of the practice), I decided why not give it a go. I am now fully addicted to dry brushing and will happily discuss the very real positive changes it has made for my skin.” – Rosette L.

Wholesome Beauty dry brush ($10)

pile of levis jeans
ollinka/Getty Images

Vintage Jeans

“While exploring a Brooklyn thrift store recently, I tried on a vintage pair of men’s Levi’s and suddenly it was like I’d found my denim holy grail. True, the waist was a little loose, but I figured at ten bucks, they’d still be a fairly cheap experiment after alterations. The alteration cost $25, bringing the total cost of the jeans to $35, but considering I’ve already worn these dozens of times versus those bridesmaid dresses gathering dust in my closet, it was absolutely worth it.” – Carolyn S.

a usb desk fan

A Desk Fan

“I originally bought this desk fan to beat the heat during the summer, but now I literally use it every day no matter what the weather is doing. It cools me down after a hot commute and it also makes me feel like Beyoncé all day long because my hair gets all billowy.” – Alexia D.

OMORC USB desk fan ($10)

mighty patch acne patches
Mighty Patch

Pimple Patches

“Adult acne is the bane of my existence, but these miracle patches make it so much easier to deal with. They truly help cut down the amount of time a pimple lasts as well as how long it takes for my skin to return to looking completely normal after a pimple has finally receded. I’ve even worn them during the day on really stubborn bumps and no one even noticed. They’re discreet, effective and I recommend them to literally anyone dealing with acne (so, everyone) no matter their skin type." – Abby H.

Mighty Patch 6-patch set ($3)

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