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When it comes to spring cleaning, we’re all about getting rid of the old and organizing the new. And while organizing can be a bit daunting, there’s one fail-proof solution that makes the process a whole lot easier: storage baskets. Yep, when in doubt, throw it in a basket—no color-coding or label-making necessary.

The latest styles are surprisingly chic, too, with variations to suit every style. To help kickstart your spring cleaning, we found the cutest, most functional baskets for every room in the house.

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1. For All Those Loose Bags of Snacks

A cute wire basket will inspire you to get the overwhelming number of bagged snacks in your pantry under control. It also helps that this option is Chip and Joanna Gaines–approved.

Buy It ($9)

TJ Maxx

2. For Those Copious Amounts of Produce

If you find your kitchen has an apple here, an onion there and a few tomatoes atop the breadbox, this three-tiered caddy will make storing your produce way easier. And it may even inspire you to eat fresher, too.

Buy It ($60)

Bed Bath and Beyond

3. For The Mass of Snack Bags Piled Up In The Cupboard

Perhaps this isn’t the most stylish storage basket, but boy, is it functional. It helps to eliminate boxes and bags and stores individual or snack-sized foods without having clutter.

Buy It ($47)


TJ Maxx

4. For The Spoiled Canine

Some pets require lots of, well, things. From food to toys to treats, the list is never-ending. Keep everything in one central (and very cute) location for easy access and better organization.   

Buy It ($13)


5. For the Treat-Obsessed

There’s no questioning who this basket’s for. The bone shape is playful, yet the woven hyacinth material keeps it from skewing hokey.

Buy It ($55 $21)


6. For the Pet Who Always Wants to Play

Lidded baskets or bins let you stow toys without having to take in the visual clutter of the (oft-chewed and mangled-looking) toys, and they help keep Krol the Warrior King from grabbing toys whenever and dropping them all over the house.

$34 at amazon



7. For The Princess’s Dress-Up Clothes

This pompom-covered bin is too cute to pass up. It can easily store dress-up clothes or be used as a hamper.

Buy It ($44)


8. For Your Little Adventurer

Surely, a colorful and decorated bin like this will encourage your little one to clean up. Plus, we love that it’s gender neutral. 

Buy It ($40)



We love a household item with dual functions. You can store this adorable bin in your little one’s room and use it as a travel bag to hold their toys when you’re on the go.

Buy It ($32)


Uncommon Goods

10. For Those Who Use Their Nightstand as A Catchall

It’s nearly impossible to have a room that looks clean with a cluttered nightstand. This bedside pocket stores all of your essentials, like your phone, books and even glasses.

Buy It ($20)


11. For All The Little Items That Have No Home

We get it; there are some important items that just don’t fit into a specific category or have a category worth making its own. That’s where this trio of baskets comes in handy.

Buy It ($150)


12. For The Man Who Is Obsessed With His Wardrobe

Of course, this divider can be used however you please (Socks! Jewelry! Nonperishable snacks, because who doesn’t need snacks wherever they are?!), but there’s something about a compartmentalized organizer that seems perfect for ties and cufflinks.   

Buy It ($7)



13. For The One With Depleted Closet Space

The bathroom is one of those rooms in the house that must be fully stocked at all times. This tiered basket unit puts all of those bathroom essentials on display beautifully and frees up space in your linen closet for other necessities.

Buy It ($258)


14. For Those Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny Bathrooms

Truth be told, not every bathroom is grand and spacious. For those that have just enough room to step out of the shower, these wall baskets allow your storage to double as room decor.   

Buy It ($55)


15. For The One With an Overflowing Hamper

If you find your hamper is constantly full, try adding one to your bathroom (if you have the space). Put it in the corner to toss dirty towels and washcloths in post-shower.

Buy It ($172; $120 for set of three)



16. For The Hidden Storage That Needs To Double As Decor

In a living space, opting for closed baskets like this one allows you to store those unsightly items without ruining your decor.

Buy It ($75)

TJ Maxx

17. For The One Who Doesn’t Miss A Styling Opportunity

Every living space needs an end table, and this one is a great way to store blankets and pillows while still giving guests a place to put plates or cups.

Buy It ($30)

TJ Maxx

18. For The Family With An Open-Door Policy

If your house is constantly buzzing with guests or you have a large family, this ottoman not only stores shoes and cold-weather must-haves, but it also doubles as extra seating.

Buy It ($120)

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