Ferns Are the New Fiddle-Leaf, Plus 2 Other Plant Trends to Check Out in 2022

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Calling all plant parents: We know that adorning your living room with lush, sprawling greenery is more than just a hobby—it’s an obsession. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that studies have shown that surrounding yourself with plants can relieve anxiety and help you feel more relaxed, comfortable and soothed at home. Or maybe it’s because you’ve become transfixed by the way your monstera’s large, holey leaves glisten in the afternoon light. Regardless, one thing is for certain: Once you go green, you don’t go back. So, we called on Lindsay Pangborn, Bloomscape’s Gardening Expert, to see what’s trending in 2022. The big takeaway? It’s time to take a more avant-garde approach to greenery.

“With more people spending the bulk of their time at home, plants are also coming into their own as a form of artwork,” Pangborn explains. “In place of a traditional piece of art, designers are using large statement plants or curated groupings of smaller plants to create focal points within a room.”

Read on for three plants that are popping up everywhere, plus expert tips on how to style and care for them.

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1. Ficuses Are Back In Fashion

We know, we know—most of us equate the Ficus plant with a gloomy, linoleum-floored doctor's office. But hear us out: Ficuses—particularly the Ficus Umbellata and Ficus Benjamina—are stealing the show in 2022. “The air-purifying ficus is great for the physical health section of the Bagua (the east area of your home). It’s also a taller plant, and can, therefore, make small homes feel more spacious,” writes Pangborn. She’s also quick to mention that the Ficus Umbellata is becoming wildly popular “due to its heart-shaped leaves” and the fact that it’s “less finicky than the fiddle-leaf fig.”

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A ficus can also make a minimalist room feel a bit more inviting, thanks to its soft fringe of leaves. (If you need proof, look no further than the space designer and Queer Eye star Bobby Berk curated above.) Plus, as long as you water them consistently and keep them in a spot that gets bright, indirect light, they’ll thrive, making them a great low-maintenance indoor tree.

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2. Ferns: The New Fiddleleaf

Sure, the Newstalgia trend is exploding in 2022. But if there’s one design style that millennials can’t seem to let go of, it’s Grandmillenial interiors. So, it makes sense why zany green Ferns are gaining traction: “nostalgic and textural plants like the Kimberly Queen Fern are making their way back into our hearts [and] homes,” says Pangborn. “A big focus for 2022 is going to be the home’s front entryway—plants can add warmth, instantly making a space feel inviting and cozy. We’ll be seeing more lush hanging ferns, dramatic planters flanking the front door and tabletop plants that weave bright flowers and foliage through the space.”

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An added bonus? Ferns are one of the best plants for beginners—they’re pet-friendly and can survive almost anywhere in the home. “Ferns appear in a variety of shapes, ranging from the delicate Kimberly queen fern to the more structured bird’s nest fern. They will thrive in a low-light area of your home with higher humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen,” writes Anisha Glanton, former Content Marketing Specialist at Bloomscape.

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3. Carnivorous Plants That Double As Decor

“As new plant parents move beyond purely aesthetic considerations, they’ll be looking for plants that offer something extra, like carnivorous plants,” says Pangborn. However, that’s not to say that these pugnacious plants won’t add a funky, decorative touch to your space. She explains: “Selections like Pitcher plants or Venus flytraps are pretty, novel and easy to care for. Plus, it's a fun idea for a household with kids, and these plants give back by capturing insects that are buzzing around the home.”

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Yes, you read that right—these babies are as close as you can get to installing a year-round fly swatter. According to Bloomscape, “[Carnivorous plants] get their nutrients by capturing and digesting insects and other small prey, rather than from soil. They perform best with bright indirect light, high humidity and moist soil.” But don’t let the name fool you; plenty of carnivorous plants are totally safe to have around pets and kids.

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