5 Floral Trends You're About to See Everywhere (and 2 That Have Totally Jumped the Shark)

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You know that getaway gardens and rage gardening are trending, but what if you’re, uh, florally challenged? The benefits of gardening are tenfold, but we get that it’s not for everyone (and we’ve certainly experienced our fair share of house-plant deaths).

Luckily, you don’t need a green thumb to reap the benefits of lush floral arrangements. Indeed, beautiful flowers instantly infuse color, personality and vitality to just about any space (not to mention delightful aromas). From calming lavender and pampas to monochromatic and petite arrangements, here’s everything you need to know about what’s trending with florals for the upcoming season.

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1. In: Feel Good Flowers

As the world starts to open up, you might be experiencing cave syndrome, a phenomenon that’s characterized by feeling anxious about returning to society after the COVID-19 pandemic (even if you’re fully vaccinated). One way to combat this is by bringing in mood-elevating florals for a positive and calming environment. “After the year we’ve just had, we think ‘wellness’ is going to be even more of a hot topic in 2021. That means flowers will have to be functional as well as decorative – think style and substance,” says Bethany Day of Interflora. Expect to see calming and mood-enhancing flowers like peonies, lavender, holly and magnolias trending in 2021 and 2022.

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2. In: Firecracker Orange And Yellow Hues

This year is all about being unapologetically ourselves and expressing individuality and eccentricity in our homes. As a result, you can expect colors to be brighter, bolder and more celebratory in the post-COVID-19 world. “Pretty much all of our event clients have requested flowers with colors to express optimism and empowerment… [they] want to use flowers as their medium to spread positivity and joy,” explains Ingrid Carozzi, owner and creative director of Tin Can Studios. That said, bright yellow flowers like goldenrods and forsythias are known to symbolize celebrations and messages of encouragement, while fiery orange marigolds and zinnias represent positive energy and feelings of excitement. From bursts of hibiscus to firecracker clivias, you can expect to see incandescent florals that reflect the more auspicious, post-pandemic days ahead.

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3. In: Monochromatic Jewel Tones

“2019 had wildflowers, 2020 had gradients, and 2021 is all about the monochromatic bouquet,” says floral designer Shean Strong. Similarly, Meghan-Markle-approved jewel tones like amethyst, ruby, deep jade, sapphire, and citrine have been trending for quite a while in the design space (and we don’t see them going anywhere in 2022). However, instead of 2020’s dramatic jewel-toned bouquets, we’re seeing a more minimal floral styling approach that utilizes various flowers in just a single shade. Think: purple eucalyptus, lambs ear, lavender and beige wood flowers for a layered, amethyst arrangement. “The key to the monochromatic design is to work within subtle shades of the same color to not lose any of the beautiful details,” Strong explains.

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4. In: Posy Bouquets

It’s no secret that minimalism has taken over our homes and our wardrobes. Japandi and organic modern designs are all the rage, and it should come as no surprise that understated florals are following suit. Enter: posy bouquets, a petite arrangement of thoughtfully chosen flowers from either a few stems or a minimal mix of understated florals. “Some of the top floral trends are really in keeping with the times—many people are living more low-key lives, so designs tend to be more minimal—in size, varieties and sometimes color,” explains Courtney Sixx, Founder of Bouquet Box.

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5. In: Pampas And Preserved Flowers

“The dried flower trend complements a free-spirited bohemian vibe yet perfectly sets the scene for a minimalist style highlighting natural simplicity, all with soul and authentic beauty,” says Bethan Beck, founder of Rosehip and Wren. Similar to the philosophy of wabi-sabi, this simplistic, earthy trend focuses on using less stuff in arrangements and bouquets and relying on organic and earthy materials (like pampas grass or preserved roses) in understated color palettes instead. “With all the muted, warm tones and textures we love to create in our own homes, dried flowers fit into this aesthetic. The wild, foraged look is so popular and has that environmentally friendly feel, whilst ethereal grasses and dried botanicals are the perfect long-lasting, low maintenance alternative for contemporary urban home décor,” Beck explains.

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6. Out: Millennial Pink And Peach Palletes

It’s official: millennial pink is out, and colors with a little more depth and complexity have taken their place. And after the year we’ve had, it makes sense that we’re not viewing the world through millennial pink-colored glasses anymore. However, if you’re still a sucker for the whole pretty in pink thing, you can update your arrangement by playing with the color of your flowers. “Try color blocking or creating an ombre look from the center out,” suggests Sixx.

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7. Out: Oversized, Dramatic Arrangements

Repeat after us: minimalism is the trend that is absolutely everywhere (seriously, even our food is taking a ‘less is more’ approach). As a result, over-the-top floral arrangements are a big no-no when it comes to styling. Instead, opt for shorter flower stems and smaller, lower containers for a more understated look. Sixx recommends taking “an entry hall arrangement and rearranging it in a series of smaller vessels to line down the center of the table.”

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