The Top Trend in Kids' Decor Makes So Much Sense for 2022

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Cottagecore, escapist decor—we’ve spent the past two years focusing our attention on creating getaways within our own four walls as a way to stay sane. And, as the Omicron surge sends parents hurling back to March 2020, with virtual classes, ever-changing mandates and the general feeling we’re losing our minds, it makes sense that we’re seeing a similar trend in kids’ decor, too. Only instead of creating spa-like oases, sanctuary for the under-12 set is a little more Narnia-esque: picture fairytale-inspired spaces, featuring dragon motifs, monstrous beasts dangling from mobiles and cartoon map-inspired wallpaper.

Yes, friends, you can step away from the Paw Patrol vinyl clings: What kids really want right now is their own magical escape (and don’t we all?). Fantasy toys—particularly ones involving friendly monsters and fairies—were one of the biggest toy trends of the past year, suggesting that we’ll only see more of this in the months to come.

Etsy research backs this up even further: The ecommerce company has seen searches for “fairy items” climb 51 percent year over year, with “mythical creatures” up 39 percent, and “dragon toys” up 22 percent.

“After spending the majority of the past two years indoors, many parents are looking for fun ways to encourage their children to put down their screens and, instead, escape to new and magical worlds through imaginative play,” says Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “To do this, some are pulling inspiration from toys and games they loved during their own childhoods, which is why we’ll see storybook characters—like dragons, fairies and other mythical creatures—make their way back into children’s spaces this year.”

If you want to transform a kids’ room into a scene ripped from the pages of a storybook, look no further. These 12 ideas will create a fairytale escape so transporting you might want to hide out there the next time you find yourself in a doomscrolling spiral.

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kids decor trend wallpaper vertical

1. mural Wallpaper

The fastest way to transform a room? Ditch the paint and opt for a removable wallpaper mural. Whether your kid prefers more of an enchanted forest vibe, a classic castle-and-dragons situation or an anything goes, fairies-and-flamingoes backdrop, you’ve got no shortage of options.

kids decor trend height chart

2. castle Height Chart

The back of your door is great and all, but this wooden castle growth chart provides a bit more flair.

kids decor trend book
H&M Home

3. book-shaped Storage Box

That secret book on the shelf may not be a lever to a hidden playland (darn), but it can store all of Jo’s LOL Doll accessories, which is almost as magical.

kids decor trend bookcase
Pottery Barn Kids

4. birch Bookcase

As far as bookcases go, this one’s a splurge, but it’s a chic transitional piece for Folklore/Evermore-loving tweens that’ll last well past their teen years (if you don’t steal it for your own cottagecore-inspired room, that is).

kids decor trend gnome garden

5. gnome Garden Jar

No whimsical shelfie would be complete without a tiny gnome or fairy garden. Plus, it’s way easier to maintain than Sea Monkeys or a succulent.

kids decor trend mobile

6. dragon Baby Mobile

For the mother of dragons with a Scandi chic aesthetic.

kids decor trend fantasy lights

7. blisslights Led Laser Star Projector

Keep the otherworldly ambiance going long after night falls. This projector covers the walls in a sea of gently drifting blue stars, set against a nebula cloud. Bonus: It comes with a remote, so kids can adjust the brightness and cycle through different light effects from the comfort of their bed—without shouting for you to come help.

kids decor trend mushroom light

8. magical Mushroom Led Night Light

If Trevor’s more into the idea of creating an enchanted forest than a planetarium—or you think that starry display means he’ll never sleep again—opt for a little less of a lightshow with this subtle night light.

kids decor trend art
Pipit And Fox/Etsy

9. mythical Creature Prints (set Of 6)

Nessie, yeti, Bigfoot—the gang’s all here, and they’re practically guaranteed to liven up that gallery wall.

kids decor trend monster rug
H&M Home

10. monster-shaped Rug

You’ve always known Jesse’s room is where the wild things are. Now you can prove it with this shaggy little accent rug.

kids decor trend cloud shelf

11. cloud Floating Shelf

Found: The perfect way to show off that Pegasus collection.

kids decor trend hamper
West Elm

12. unicorn Hamper

A hamper so cute it may inspire your kids to actually use it. (Wouldn’t that be a fairytale ending?)

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