Cocktail Pools Are the Trend Summer 2018 Needed

From souped-up kiddie pools to stock tank spas, we’re always looking for ways to bring a touch of leisure and luxury into our own patch of paradise...but like, without depleting our entire savings account in the process. This is why PureWow HQ has broken into a happy dance over the “cocktail pool."

Umm, wtf is a “cocktail pool”?

We’re so glad you asked.

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Gal Meets Cocktail Pool
The term "cocktail pool" came into my vocabulary on a recent visit to New Orleans. My hostess had promised “breakfast mimosas in the cocktail pool!”; a delightful-sounding feature further teased by a real estate sign outside the condo boasting “parking & pool” among its amenities. YAS, I said to myself as a rolled my suitcase through the courtyard and in the front door. As my hostess soon revealed, what I had mistaken for a chic little courtyard fountain was, in fact, the pool in question. No bigger than six feet long and three feet wide, it was also sneakily five feet deep, chlorinated and featured a built-in seating ledge around the rim. And boy, was it cuuuuute.

Image: A custom cocktail pool with fountains by Pool Stop enlivens a cozy backyard.

Some Background
Turns out these little “cocktail” or “plunge” pools are all the rage in the American south, where it’s simply too damn hot to sit outside and enjoy a cocktail unless you’re posted up in a cool body of water. They’re different from “endless pools” in that they don’t necessarily offer spa features or currents to swim against. In fact, they read more like a chic landscaping feature; a petite pond that you can also swim (or yes, booze) in.

Image: A Soake Pools pool serves as the pièce de résistance in a gorgeous landscape by Woodburn & Company.

Why Are They Trending?
According to Aqua Magazine, demand for tiny pools is growing big-time. The reason? Folks these days are spending more on their outdoor spaces overall. They want alfresco living rooms. And pizza ovens. And firepits and surround sound systems and elevated landscaping. By putting in a pocket-sized pool, homeowners save major initial buckage, which can then be put toward other amenities. (Or, for the more fiscally responsible, saved.)

What Do They Cost?
It depends on your materials and specifications, but generally, you can expect one to run you 40 percent less than a full-size pool (which averages out nationally at $21K). But the real draw here is the easy upkeep. Tiny footprint = less work, less money and less chemicals to keep it up and running.

Image: A turquoise cocktail pool in a backyard paradise by Molly Wood Garden Design.

Doesn't This Look Inviting?
I can attest that on a steamy hot day, it’s pretty darn heavenly to have one of these guys at your disposal. So grab your pals and grab a cocktail: It’s dipping time, y’all.

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