Grown-Up Inflatable Pools Exist...and They're Actually Really Cute (Read: Instagram-Worthy)

Move over, flamingo-shaped pool floats. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Grown-up kiddie pools (formerly a dream of college years past) are real, and actually super cute for all those backyard summer soirees you’ve been planning (or, ya know, aspiring to plan). Courtesy of plastic blow-up pool toy purveyor Funboy, this giant heart-shaped pool is big enough for you and a BFF to stay cool in the summer heat while sipping frosé. And at $169, it definitely won’t break the summer frosé bank, either.

Can’t get to a large body of water? Live in a tiny apartment with only a rooftop as outdoor space? Own a house with a backyard the size of a minivan? Who needs a beach or an actual swimming pool anyway?

OK, we do…but we’ll settle for cute Instagrams in a pink fun-size one instead.

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