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Like a kiddie pool...except rustic and stylish and big enough for grown-ups. Like a hot tub...except cold and refreshing. Enter the stock tank pool—an easy, budget-friendly way to install a lil’ slice of paradise in your own backyard.

Fun fact: These “pools” are actually metal watering troughs for hydrating livestock, and you can score one for a few hundred dollars at your local farm supply store. With their small size and easy-clean surface, they’re remarkably low-maintenance, and you can even add a pump filter as you would a large pool to keep things nice and clean.

Peruse the stock tank inspo below and tell us you aren’t inspired to scoop one up this weekend.

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Install one on a flat patch of grass, and add a bistro table and chairs for a mini outdoor oasis.

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And maybe add a few plants around the edges plants to spruce up the scene.

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Matte white + bulb lights = swoon.

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Or get suuuuuper fancy, dig a hole in the ground and lay some stonework. 

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