Ever since we binged all eight episodes of Get Organized with The Home Edit last month, we’ve been on a serious decluttering kick—and we haven’t been able to stop talking about the show on Slack. In fact, one of our coworkers even admitted to dropping $250 on organization essentials at the Container Store after finishing the show. Which got us thinking: What genius home organizing products are our neatest coworkers obsessed with? From a smart cord storage solution to a cabinet space-saver, here are 12 items PureWow staffers swear by to keep things tidy at home.

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1. AHNR Expandable Pan Organizer Rack

“I’m fully obsessed with this expandable pan rack,” says editor Abby Hepworth. “It makes it so much easier to keep my cabinets organized and allows me to grab the skillet I want without having to dig for it underneath 10 other pans.” The rack fits in 12.25- to 22.25-inch-long spaces, and each of the 10 compartments adjusts to fit most types of pans and lids.

$27 at Amazon


2. Oupeng Cable Ties (Set of 20)

Have a ‘random chargers and cables’ drawer that’s getting a little out of control? Executive editor Candace Davison recommends simplifying the tangled mess with some of these hook-and-loop cord ties. Once you’ve gotten each cord secured into a nice bundle thanks to the ties, Davison suggests concealing them all in a decorative box—an idea she borrowed from the bloggers at Young House Love.

$4 at Amazon


3. Delamu Cord Concealer Kit

Davison is also a fan of these cord covers for wires that are actually in use. She says they were a game-changer after she mounted her TV in her living room. “These cord covers have an adhesive back, so you literally thread the cables through and stick them to the wall and everything looks clean and polished...without putting any new holes in your wall.”

$18 at Amazon


4. JinaMart 4-Piece Stackable Wine Storage Rack

If you don’t have a dedicated wine fridge, director of audience development Mary D’Alessio says these stackable, fridge-friendly wine holders are the next best thing. They make it easy to see what wines you have, and chill four or more bottles without taking up too much space next to the oat milk.

$25 at Amazon

5. Simple Houseware Stackable Can Rack

“We stocked up on canned goods at the beginning of the pandemic and this rack has been a life-saver in terms of keeping our pantry organized,” says D’Alessio. The metal rack has room for up to 36 cans and makes it easy to access them—so you no longer have to play a game of pantry Jenga. According to over 6,000 five-star reviewers it’s sturdy and easy to put together too.

$23 at Amazon


6. Masirs Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

Managing editor of branded content Rachel Gulmi says this acrylic organizer is the secret to keeping her makeup collection from taking over her bathroom counter. It features four different drawers, as well as compartments of various sizes on the top that allow you to keep your cosmetics sorted by both category and frequency of use.

$15 at Amazon


7. Oxo Good Grips Expandable Dresser Drawer Dividers (Set of 2)

Gulmi also swears by these expandable drawer dividers. “They’re great for drawers that can easily become a mess, like my sock drawer,” she explains. Reviewers say they’re also great for separating out underwear and bigger items like t-shirts. The foam pads on each end help them stay put and ensure that they don’t scratch up the inside of your nice dresser.

$20 at Amazon


8. Deco Brothers 2 Tier Expandable Under the Sink Shelf

“I love the fact that it’s easily customizable, so it actually fits around my bathroom’s awkward sink pipes,” fashion director Dena Silver says of this adjustable under the sink shelf. It fits in 15.5- to 25.2-inch-wide spaces and features removable wire shelves that you can place on the top or bottom rack, depending on the layout you want. After scrolling through some of the customer photos of the shelf in people’s kitchens and bathrooms, we’re totally sold.

$20 at Amazon


9. Simple Houseware Spice Gripper Clips (Set of 6)

If you’re looking to save shelf and drawer space, these spice gripping clips are a genius solution. Associate managing editor Catrina Yohay picked up a set during Amazon Prime Day and says they’ve already saved a ton of space in her kitchen. They adhere to the inside of your cabinet so they don’t take up precious countertop real estate. This set holds up to 30 jars so you don’t have to worry about editing your collection of seasonings.

$9 at Amazon


10. Nahanco Hanger Stacker

Assistant editor Chelsea Candelario has accumulated a ton of hangers over the years, and she’s found that this hanger holder keeps her closet in order. Stack your plastic, wood or metal hangers vertically on this stand and you’ll have a new one at the ready whenever you acquire a new wardrobe addition.

$18 at Amazon


11. Simple Houseware Plastic Desk Drawer Organizers (Set of 6)

Need to bring a little order to your home office? Brand partnerships account executive Vanessa Sanjuan says these drawer organizers are, “so simple, but so great.” Use them to separate out pens, pencils, sticky notes and other desk essentials and your drawers will never become a jumbled mess again.

$13 at Amazon


12. Chonovo Adhesive Wall Hooks (Set of 10)

“These hooks are remarkably strong. I use them to hang all sorts of kids' stuff like backpacks, costumes and musical instruments,” says SVP of content Jillian Quint. And the best part? They attach to the wall with adhesive, so you don’t have to do any heavy-duty installation.

$7 at Amazon

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