11 of the Best Floating Candles for a Relaxing—and Romantic—Ambience

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There are candles...and then there are floating candles. Don't get us wrong: Regular candles definitely have their benefits. They're calming, smell lovely and make for gorgeous pieces of décor on your side table. A floating candle, however, has the power to change the ambience of an entire room with its soft, subtle glow when incorporated into tablescapes, bathtime rituals or your Valentine's Day decorations—but first, you've got to find the right ones.

What Is a Floating Candle?

Floating candles differ from regular ones largely due to their round shape, which enables them to easily float in liquid. They come with standard wicks or electric flames, both of which have their advantages (one will give you a more authentic flame, while the other will offer more safety and longevity). Most have burn times of one to 10 hours, depending on the size (50 to 100 for electric ones) and they can be placed in pretty much any body of water, from bathtubs and water-filled vases to martini glasses. They’re pretty affordable and easy to buy in bulk, too.

When looking for a floating candle, you want to make sure the wax is of high enough quality to prevent messy dripping or melting (a paraffin wax is usually best) and that they have a strong, long wick that won’t get wet in the water below. We've tracked down the best floating candles on the market below—get ready to add some original, stylish décor to your home!

floating candles royal imports

1. Royal Imports Floating Candles

Best Overall

At 3-inches across, these candles are a little wider than most, so they'll float more steadily on the water. The wicks are also unique, as they're made from cotton core—a material the company claims will give them a clean, smoke-free flame. They reportedly burn for up to 10 hours, and customers say they melt evenly down the center.

floating candles bolsius

2. Bolsius Floating Candles

Best for Allergies

If the strong smell of scented candles aggravates your sniffer, these unscented Bolsius candles are for you. Their high-quality, vegan wax doesn't soot or smoke, making it unlikely to irritate allergies, and they burn brightly and evenly, according to the buyers that love them.

floating candles hyoola

3. Hyoola Floating Candles

Longest Burn Time

While most small floating candles will last about four to six hours, these winners from Hyoola reportedly last for closer to eight to 10. Coming in a value pack of 12, each candle comes with a 100 percent lead-free cotton wick for a neat melt that will stay lit all night long—even after your guests have gone home.

floating candles homeory

4. Homemory Flameless Floating Candles

Best Battery Life

Sometimes, you just want to turn on your candle and be done with it, without having to worry about the production of lighting—and later blowing out and cleaning up—a flammable one. This battery-operated option is said to have enough juice to stay on for seven days straight thanks to its replaceable battery, and emits a soft, comforting yellow light that will look great on your table, mantle or anywhere else you choose to place it.

floating candles dlight

5. D’light Floating Candles

Best Bulk Buy

If floating candles are your jam, consider investing in this bulk set of 72. While you'll pay a decent amount up front, it ultimately shakes out to less than a dollar per candle, which is a total bang for your buck. (You can also choose from smaller or larger sets to ensure you have the best count for your needs.) Fragrance-free, dripless and smokeless, these also have a near-perfect rating from customers who say they're worth the wait.

floating candles richland1

6. Eastland Richland Floating Candles

Best Color Options

These pretty floating candles come in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match. These also come with the pictured glass cylinder holders, making for a classy built-in decoration. No muss, no fuss!

floating candles hd
The Home Depot

7. Zest Candle Set

Widest Diameter

The 4-inch diameter of this set of three makes these candles the widest to grace our list (and likely, the most stable of the bunch). They've got a six-hour burn time (plenty long enough to last a whole party through!), and a fragrance-free, hand-poured wax that won't irritate your senses.

floating candles mega

8. Mega Candles Round Disc Floating Candles

Best Small Size

If white candles aren’t for you, might we suggest these pretty blue ones for a subtle pop of color in your space? They’re slightly smaller than other options at 1.5 inches in diameter, making their burn time a little less (around two hours), but the dripless wax and cotton wick allows for a clean burn for special occasions.

floating candles rose

9. Jeco Inc. Rose Floating Candles

Best Shape

As less of a daily staple and more of an accent candle, this flower-shaped design allows you to add a touch of whimsy to your abode. It’s made of 100 percent pure, hand-poured paraffin wax, so you don’t have to worry about its quality—the anti-drip features will provide for a clean, long-lasting burn (up to five-and-a-half hours). You can choose from 10 different colors to best suit your décor, too.

floating candles jeco

10. Jeco Inc. Clear Gel Floating Candle

Best Clear Wax

This clear candle allows for a unique look, illuminating the water that it floats on, while the fragrance-free wax will ensure it's not a nuisance to your nose. Opt for a completely see-through one, or go for a tinted version with one of the six available translucent hues.

floating candles hyoola1

11. Hyoola Floating Candles

Best for Valentine's Day

Bring some romantic vibes into your home with these elegant, fragrance-free candles that are ideal for your holiday tablescape. The company claims they last for up to five hours and have a lead-free cotton wick. They also leave minimal wax drippage behind for a slow, steady burn.

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