Ever walked past an Anthropologie store and thought, what is that heavenly scent? We certainly have, and we must admit: They have some of the best smelling (and looking) candles on the market. Whether you’re into tropical scents or something woodsy and cozy for fall, here are ten of our favorite Anthropologie candles to stock up on.

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1. Capri Blue Volcano Mercury Glass Jar Candle

Anthropologie has become synonymous with a single scent: the Capri Blue Volcano. People are enraptured by this candle (to the point that they refer to it as “the Anthro scent”), but most are surprised to learn what it actually smells like: “Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens,” according to its official description. While this is, in fact, a citrus candle, it stands out for having a softer, sweeter scent than what you’d typically associate with lemons, limes and the like. (Plus, it has a killer hot throw, which is industry speak for the fact that its scent really fills the room when you light it.) Volcano comes in 36 variations to serve a variety of aesthetics; we’re gearing up to try the 130-ounce Colossal version, which boasts five wicks and a 250-hour burn time.

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2. Voluspa Baltic Amber

The iconic Baltic Amber candle blends velvety notes of amber with cozy vanilla and sandalwood scents. Its fragrance is rich yet subtle, and we love how this candle evokes a warm, homey feeling from the moment it’s lit. Perhaps the biggest draw to Voluspa’s best-seller, however, is the embossed glass jar it comes in. The burnt orange hues come to life when it’s lit, as the etchings glisten in the flame. Plus, after the candle’s gone, you’re left with a beautiful makeup, jewelry or flower holder to display on your vanity.

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3. Aurelie Fig Tree Glass Jar Candle

Not quite ready for pumpkin spice-scented everything? This candle is a must-have for transitional months. Its base scent of leafy green vines and warm woods is complemented with notes of dark fig nectar and peppered cassis for a fresh, warm feel. The juxtaposition of fruity and warm scents is perfect for creating a summery-yet-autumnal feel. Plus, it has a 35-hour burn time and comes in an earthy floral jar that’s both feminine and sophisticated.

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4. Day's Last Light Lavendar Cashmere Glass Candle

We love the smell of fresh flowers, but it’s hard to find a candle that’ll evoke the same delicately feminine vibe. However, this candle boasts a 25-hour burn time of pure floral bliss. Its lavender notes are sweet without being sickly or cloying, and the silky aroma of cashmere and sage creates a calming and cozy environment. We’d definitely recommend lighting this baby up on your next self-care day.

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5. Iona Sandlewood Vanilla Floral Glass Candle

Everything about this gilded floral candle is cozy, right down to its sweet and spicy scent. While its base is infused with sweet vanilla and sandalwood, it’s layered with dark patchouli, sweet tree bark resin and cool wisps of mint leaf. The scent makes us feel like we’re swaddled in silk and the candle’s 103-hour burn time guarantees a few snuggly Sundays before you need a replacement.

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6. Anecdote Fireside Chats Candle

This candle’s cinnamon Canela bark and cedarwood aroma have us dreaming about hot toddies by the fire. The coconut-soy wax base has a 40-hour burn time that makes it perfect for fall afternoons spent on the sofa. Plus, the glass vessel has a modern, minimal label and a wooden lid for an understated rustic aesthetic that says “cozy fall” without being too seasonal.

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7. Apothecary 18 Lily Davana Glass Jar Candle

This artisan, speckled glass candle looks just as beautiful as it smells. Notes of sweet, tea-like white florals and aged hickory blend with whispers of warm oud, resinous frankincense and tonka-infused vetiver for a whimsical, woodsy scent. Its tortoiseshell design would be eye-catching atop book stacks and coffee tables, and we love how this one can be repurposed as a trendy storage piece after the candle is gone.

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8. United by Form Spirit Candle

Feel like most candles are a little too twee for your tastes? Try this musky, masculine one instead. The sophisticated fusion of leather, smoke, and sandalwood creates a solid base, while notes of cardamom and papyrus add a spicy element that doesn’t overpower. Not to mention that it has a sleek modern design and a 50-hour burn time. One reviewer writes, “I love the minimalist black on black labeling,” while another says it’s “the perfect complement to our home decor.”

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9. Candlefish No. 52 Metal Two-Wick Candle

This candle’s sweet, woodsy scent instantly transports us to a fresh forest that’s filled with blooming flowers and pine trees. Its fusion of pine, sugarplum and amber notes creates a fresh woodsy smell that’s layered with organic femininity. The candle has an au courant brass vessel and a 50-hour burn time, which is pretty impressive for its 7-ounce size.

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10. Boulangerie Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon Jar Candle

This candle has been a long-time favorite among shoppers who love to smell something sweet. The fusion of nutmeg, vanilla bean, and cinnamon crust fragrance mimics the smell of fresh sugar cookies out of the oven. Furthermore, it has a 35-hour burn time, and the Parisian-style vessel makes us feel like we’re snacking on macarons under the Eiffel Tower.

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