These 5 Top Bedroom Trends of 2023 Are All the Inspo You Need to Refresh Your Space

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Between fast-fashion-esque trends like Coastal Grandmother and Barbiecore, the rules of decorating have become tenuous at best. But, if there are two things that never go out of style it’s 1.) luxurious bedding and 2.) creating a space that feels like you (even if the design trends seem to shift every 30 days). So below, we’ve outlined five top bedroom trends that designers are seeing in 2023—and how to style them to create the space of your dreams.

The 7 Rules of Decorating a Living Room in 2022

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Naturally (no pun intended), adding greenery to your home is a foolproof way to create relaxing, biophilic atmosphere. Beyond that, however, a recent study found that “viewing pictures of nature (like trees and fields) helped people recover from symptoms of stress in the nervous system” and “the effects of blue-green spaces show results of positive wellbeing associations with connectedness to green nature and blue coastal spaces.” As a result, Catherine Jacob, Head of Design at Hovia, says, “Nature-themed wallpapers are some of our top best-sellers. Designs with calm flowing lines or hand-painted elements are always popular.” To that end, she also adds: “Whether it's a real woodland landscape or a painted sea of trees, a wallpaper that envelopes a room in a green forest setting can be transformative.”

Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design at Christy, also speaks to this, saying: “If you have a showstopping wall in your bedroom, [stick] to plain white bedding. [Then], accentuate the prominent colors found on the wall art by using bright and bold soft furnishings to decorate your bed without taking the focus away from the ornate backdrop.  Style with throws and cushions, and add lush greenery or fresh flowers to truly bring the room alive.” 

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Courtesy of Elisa Baran

“The best way to create the [updated organic modern] trend is by using organic fabrics,” says Martin Seeley, design expert and CEO of MattressNextDay. “This includes things like bamboo cotton sheets, organic cotton duvet covers and even wool blankets. These types of materials will give your bedroom a more relaxed feel, which is exactly what this type of design wants to achieve.”

Designer Elisa Baran also backs this up, explaining how she brought the look above together: “From the frame to the sheets, every detail of [this look] is downright stratospheric. The blissful bed [and] the famous RH cloud couch [are] the centerpieces of the room, capped and completed by the bouclé bench by Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel. A bed so soft you sink right in is the ideal element that will make you feel you are on cloud nine for every slumber.” 

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Lulu and Georgia

ICYMI, moody jewel tones are the number one design trend in Brooklyn right now—and we’re expecting to see this look everywhere in 2023. “[This year’s] color palette is dark and moody, but also bright and colorful at times…You can choose from warm browns or yellows, or even greys if you prefer something cooler looking,” Ackroyd says, adding, “softer pink and neutral tones work well in a bedroom because the color palette offers freshness and serenity throughout the whole day to ease you when waking up and help you wind down at night. Highlight the blossom tones in the rest of the bedroom by using [jewel-toned] accessories and furniture such as lamp shades, side tables and flowers.”

That said, there’s also a component to this paint trend that’s popping up everywhere: Limewash. Take it from Baran, who says, “Limewash. Limewash. Limewash. This year, my clients are requesting a textural moment on their walls. Limewash paints like JH Wall Paints can be layered in the application and have a bloom to the surface texture…almost a soft chalkiness to the finish which gives an ethereal softness. You can also add depth by building colors on top of one another!”

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“Florals, frills and lace may not be on what you’d expect as a trend to top 2023, but grandma-chic bedrooms inspired by traditional countryside homes are back in fashion,” Ackroyd explains. “People adore vintage clothes, but this love does not have to stop at fashion…If you’re not ready to commit to kitsch wallpaper taking over your bedroom walls, consider introducing granny-esque patterns with your drapery instead, for example, with floral curtains. This will help you create a distinct look without going too over the top.”

Plus, if you’re more of a maximal-minimalist, Baran explains how you can bring a more elevated vibe (while still creating visual interest): “Floor to ceiling drapery is a go-to for me to make a smaller space look grand. The extended length falls more gracefully and gives the illusion of taller ceilings and in turn, a bigger room. With a neutral, sheer color, the natural [light] can still pour into the bedroom in a heavenly way, bathing the whole room in silky sunlight.”

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Lulu and Georgia

Sticking with the theme of organic-inspired accents, Ackroyd says, “This year, it seemed like Japandi was everywhere—the trend [captures] both cultures' adoption of slow living and simplicity…Simple geometrics will be very on trend next year and are the perfect way to add dimension and intrigue to a neutral room whilst still maintaining the essence of calm and modernity.”  

She also adds: “To effortlessly introduce patterns into a room, remember to keep it simple and pared back to avoid going off-kilter; you want to preserve the room’s soothing properties…Think about using geometric designs as an accessory, the finishing touch. It should be the last step that pulls everything together. For example, on the bed, accent the [it] with some decorative cushions, or a large throw laid on the bottom at an angle rather than straight across the bottom. Or keep it simple with non-offensive geometric bedding. Alternatively, add art and prints to the wall in wooden frames to help fill up spaces that feel empty. But remember, keep to around two to four pieces of art to keep balance.”

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