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In our house, having company stay with us equals dark circles, a backache and lots of yawning. And no, that’s not just because the in-laws are here (again). It’s because we don’t have a guest room, which means when Aunt Nancy announces she’s coming down for a surprise visit, we get relegated to the basement air mattress so that she can have our room. Not a pretty picture.

But there’s a solution that may be more affordable than putting an addition on the house. Amazon now sells DIY guest houses that you can assemble yourself right in your own backyard. And no, that’s not a fancy way of saying “pitch a tent.” These are legit solid-wood structures that could serve as a guest room, she shed, Zen den—whatever extra space you’re looking for. Here, seven of the best DIY guest houses available on Amazon.

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1. Allwood Arlanda XXL Studio Cabin Garden House Kit

Going for a modern look with your backyard abode? This design fits the bill with its large windows and contemporary shape. Plus, at 273 square feet, it has enough area for a full-size bedroom. All you need are two adults and a free day to assemble it.

$10,895 at Amazon


2. Jamaica Cottage Shop 16x20 Timber Frame Post & Beam Vermont Cottage

Build your own getaway with this rustic Vermont-style cabin kit. Turn the loft into a bedroom area for maximum cozy vibes. Once they’re settled in, we wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t see your guests much.

$16,047 at Amazon


3. Allwood Palma 3 Two-Room Studio Cabin Kit

This chic, two-room guest house has a very modern look, with massive windows to let in plenty of natural light. The kit includes high-quality Nordic wood and aluminum door frames, and the wall separating the two rooms can be adjusted, so you can tweak the floor plan to suit your needs. If it were us, we’d make one room a bedroom and the other our home-away-from-home office.

$9,695 at Amazon


4. Allwood Mayflower Garden House Cabin Kit

Minimal outdoor space doesn’t have to hold you back from having the Amazon tiny house of your dreams. This Mayflower cabin kit is compact, but you can still fit a bed and a small sitting area inside, we promise. Take a look at the interior mock-up of the 117-square-foot space and see for yourself.

$7,790 at Amazon


5. Allwood Dreamcatcher Cabin Kit

Now your bestie will have her own private porch when she comes to visit. This 205-square-foot cabin can be assembled in just ten hours. Not bad, considering the finished product is a legit mini house. All that’s missing is a bathroom, which the manufacturer says is possible to install (although the space will be more cramped).

$10,995 at Amazon


6. Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit

OK, at $33,990, this baby certainly isn’t cheap. But considering you’re essentially getting two extra bedrooms, it might be worth it in the long run. The description claims that two adults can build this two-story cabin in about a week, but we’d recommend calling in a professional crew to handle the assembly.

$33,990 at Amazon


7. Allwood Arlanda Jr. Studio Cabin Garden House Kit

Sometimes less is more. That’s definitely the case with this Amazon tiny house. The 180-square-foot space makes for a quaint guest house (or a safe haven when you need a break from your fam).

$7,790 at Amazon

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