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Everybody’s been picking up all kinds of hobbies during quarantine—sourdough, tie-dye, running virtual marathons, evangelizing new uses for banana peels (it’s a thing)—and if you’re feeling a second wind on the “hey, maybe I’m an [insert craft here] person!” front but don’t know where to start, you need to check out Camp Handmade on Amazon.

This little-known section of the ecommerce site is only open until August 15, but it offers full kits and tutorials with everything you need to pour your own candles, paint your own still lifes, sew felt stuffed animals and make floral soaking salts. And by everything, we mean everything—the candle-making kit didn’t just come with wax, wicks, jars and the fragrance oil (which, by the way, provides you with five options to choose from). It also included a pouring pitcher and candy thermometer, so the wax doesn’t overheat as you melt it. Similarly, the other kits contain all of the essentials, saving you any last-minute trips to Michael’s or JOANN’s.

While the kits include step-by-step instructions, any visual learners out there (or people who were intimidated when their craft came with a candy thermometer and strict temperature-monitoring instructions…*raises hand*) can follow along with the video tutorials on the Camp Handmade homepage. It’s especially helpful for the floral painting kit, which becomes more of a virtual class when paired with the 32-minute instructional video.

The price ranges from $24 to $55, depending on which project you want to tackle. Oh, and each one supports small business owners across the U.S. who sell their products on Amazon Handmade, and the tutorials are taught by the founders themselves. So really, you have no excuse not to finally try your hand at making an army of felt hedgehogs or creating your own wall art. You can check out all of the offerings at, and after the 15th, you can find a selection of DIY kits offered year-round (only minus the video tutorials) on Amazon Handmade.

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