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We love HGTV. We say the words “window treatment” more often than the names of any of our children. We’re a little obsessed with the world of home design.

So naturally we jumped at the opportunity to pick the brain of Nate Berkus, who recently curated a super-cute collection for eBay. We caught up with him to talk childproofing, spring-cleaning and the glory of a happy closet.

PureWow: As someone with a 1-year-old, what are your tips for decorating a house around a little one (who loves to pull things off bookshelves)? 
Nate Berkus: I’ve had to make a lot of concessions…I never thought I would have so many plastic things in my home. Knowing she is safe is a priority,but I’ve never been precious about my interiors. Use fabrics and paints that are washable, and make sure important pieces are out of reach. At the end of the day, you want a home that’s livable.

PW: Any trends youre loving right now in nursery decor? 
NB: I’m not a fan of trends. For our daughter’s nursery we brought in vintage pieces, like an antique gold mirror and a mini French settee. I want her to have things she can keep, that can be repurposed as she gets older. Buy pieces that have longevity and that can grow with your child. A nursery is also a place to live out a little bit of fantasy. You want it to be calming and feel a little whimsical.  

PW: You’re all about decluttering this year. Whats the one place you wish more people would spring-clean? 
NB: The linen closet and your pantry! It’s amazing how your possessions pile up and you forget that you even own these things. People are literally living with thousands of dollars’ worth of stuff they don’t use. Whether clothing, shoes, art or lamps, there is so much sitting around your home that you can potentially make money from. That’s why I’ve loved working with eBay on their “Hello Spring” campaign. Everyone wants to live more beautifully, and to do that you need to be organized and live in an edited way.

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PW: How do you feel about the Marie Kondo effect? Must all objects really bring us joy on a daily basis? 
NB: What we allow into our home matters…it shows who we are, where we’ve been and also where we hope to go. The truth is we all live with too many things. The trick is to edit out all those items that don’t have meaning. Only live with what you truly love.

PW: Whats your favorite room in your home and why? 
NB: The closet in our New York apartment. To have that much space, especially in Manhattan…we were very lucky. It was also very organized; my sweaters were literally color-coded.

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