Nate Berkus Kitchen Makeover Trick Your Can Do in 10-Minutes

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Between the wear, tear and wine spills, it’s no wonder our kitchen is feeling a little, erm, lackluster these days. Since we’re always looking for ways to polish up the most hardworking room in our homes, we were psyched to tap design whiz (and LG Studio artistic adviser) Nate Berkus for a quick-fix weekend project. If it's good enough for Nate Berkus' kitchen, it's good enough for ours!

His favorite cheap and easy kitchen update? A lovely and non-utilitarian vignette.

“Every horizontal surface in your home is an opportunity to do something pretty,” says Berkus. And so by simply cleaning up your countertops (read: putting functional items like cooking tools and spices in a cabinet), you make room for “creating these beautiful little moments next to a sink, or overlooked corner."

Nate’s go-to styling setup? “A framed photo on a beautiful tray.” But he advises bringing in favorite objects from other rooms in your house, too (plants, natural found objects, ceramics, etc.), and playing around with what tells your own decor story. “It’s really the easiest change, and it doesn’t cost a thing."

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