The One Decor Mistake You’re Probably Making, According to Bobby Berk from ‘Queer Eye’

Tiny rugs floating in space. Artwork hung well above head level: There are plenty of mistakes to which one can fall prey. But according to Bobby Berk, designer extraordinaire and star of Queer Eye (aka the most delightful show ever), there’s no decor faux pas so widespread as bungling your curtain rod placement.

His number one pet peeve? Curtains hung right at the top of a window frame, which visually squashes the dimensions of your space, making it look more cramped and claustrophobic than it actually is.

“Putting the curtains right at the top of your window makes your window look smaller and your ceiling look shorter," explains the Chase spokesman. Whereas, “if you hang your curtain rod six inches to a foot above your window, it actually makes your ceiling seem taller and your windows feel bigger.”

So there you go, kids: You’re two new nail placements away from an airier, chicer, QE-approved home.

Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck, Design: Chelsea Robinson Interiors


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