The Chic Way to Repurpose Old Candles, from ‘Queer Eye’ Star Antoni Porowski

Two things we love: scented candles and the Queer Eye reboot (if you haven’t seen it yet, you have some serious binge-watching to do). And now one of the fab five, Antoni Porowski, has given us a clever home hack that we kind of can’t believe that we didn’t think of first. 

Instead of throwing away his old candles, the Netflix show’s resident food and wine expert repurposes them into ultra-cute smoothie glasses.

On an Instagram post, Antoni says that the trick justifies his “excessive compulsion for faaancy candles.” (Phew, so it’s not just us.)

But if you’re wondering how to get all that hardened wax out of the jar (because you definitely don’t want any of that in your green juice), it’s easy—all you need is some boiling water and a strainer. Here’s exactly how it’s done.

Clearly, French luxury Diptyque votives make perfect drink holders—but the real question is, can we use them for guacamole? We’ll be waiting for your answer, Antoni.

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