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Today’s chicest interiors always seem to include a showpiece tree, vine or cactus, but investing in a gorgeous plant can seem like an exercise in futility if you don’t know how to keep it alive. We talked with experts at Léon & George, a new online plant delivery service, about choosing the right flora for your space and lifestyle. Still feeling timid? Léon & George will replace any plants within 30 days of delivery. Leafy green paradise, here we come.

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Leon & George

If You Have Low Light
It’s a common misconception that all houseplants need a lot of light—some can burn under extended periods of direct sunlight. Beautiful options for low light include the snake plant, Zanzibar Gem or pothos, which all do fine in low light. They will grow slower, but should maintain their overall size and shape.

If Your A/C Makes the Air Really Dry
All plants should be kept out of the way of air vents. For extreme air conditions, the snake plant and Zanzibar Gem are the most resilient.

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Leon & George

If You'd Like Something Colorful
Flowering plants can disappoint, so why not opt for brightly hued foliage instead? The pink rubber tree has gorgeous ombré leaves. And the magenta Triostar makes a striking accent plant.

If You Can't Remember to Water
A desert cactus
 or snake plant is perfect for frequent travelers as they have minimal needs and only need to be watered every few weeks.

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Leon & George

If You’re Not Sure of the Conditions
Pop a digital plant sensor into the soil, and an app will give you intel on the humidity, soil, light and temperature.

If Your Place Gets Super Hot During the Day
The indoor plants that can handle direct light the best are (no surprise) desert cacti.

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Leon & George

If You Want the Easiest Plants…Period
Most people kill their houseplants due to overwatering or not enough light. As plants settle into their new homes, it’s important to observe them weekly to see how they’re adjusting to the air and temperature, which affects how fast they’re drinking. Plants also like consistency, so once you figure out a rhythm that works, stick to it. And try the Zanzibar Gem, snake plant and Monstera Deliciosa

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