51 Gifts for 13-Year-Old Boys Guaranteed to Inspire a Genuine “Thanks, This Is So Cool!”

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Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, a bar mitzvah or a holiday, finding the right gifts for 13-year-old boys can be a special challenge. They’re newly a teen, but there is a special young-teenage status that is more often closer to the innocence of boyhood than the sophistication of manhood. So, a little guidance in shopping for these gamers, ball players, science devotees and sneakerheads is called for—starting with our list of great gift options.

How We Chose Our List of Gifts for 13-Year-Old Boys

We polled our friends, parent colleagues and trawled social media (for example, TikTok is stanning for Airpods Pro) to find the best gifts for 13-year-old boys. And while there is no completely hard and fast rule preventing these items from being enjoyed by girls or non-binary 13-year-olds, we found these fashion accessories, examples of room décor and more to be on wish lists of guys. All price ranges are represented here, from a transparent belt bag that passes concert security checkpoints, to splurges such as a big-ticket headphones or console like a Nintendo Switch. After all, what’s more welcome than surprising your 13-year-old with something he may have had his eye on for some time. (And yes, Harry Potter and NFL merch are represented, natch.) Here's our favorite 51 items, including relevant shipping and return details, since you’ll want to tell him or his parents you know that every gift doesn’t have to be a bullseye to still score high with them.

Top 5 Gifts for 13-Year-Old Boys at a Glance

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Great for architecture buffs

1. Lego New York City


  • Why We Love It: rated for ages 12+, 598 pieces
  • Shipping: free 3 to 5 shipping days
  • Returns: 90-day return window for unopened merchandise

Whether he’s a Lego devotee or just a fan of great-looking buildings, he’ll have a great time with this NYC-based set, which includes the Flatiron, Chrysler, Empire State buildings and One World Trade Center, as well as a tiny Statue of Liberty. According to one reviewer who “really enjoyed building this model," it's a great fit for just about anyone. "It didn’t take me to long to build but I find once it is built it looks really effective and has good detail for people to know and see what the buildings are straight away. I liked the book which came with it which tells you a little bit about all of the buildings.” The finished, displayable piece measures 10 inches by 9 inches and 1-inch deep.

Great for Anxious Guys

2. Frxvuc Jellyfish Lava Lamp


  • Why We Love It: 16 light effects, two large and two small jellyfish
  • Shipping: free Prime delivery
  • Returns: free returns

This remote-controlled lamp is small enough (4.1 x 4.1 x 11) to fit on a desktop or shelf and lets users enjoy swimming jellyfish bathed in 16 colors of LED lights. “This lamp is super cute! I work in a school and it’s one of the students’ favorite things in my office. It’s very soothing and mesmerizing! Easy to set up and maintain!” says one reviewer. Delivered dry, it’s easy to set up—just fill the tank with distilled or tap water, pop in the jellyfish, add a few drops of dishwasher liquid (which ensures active swimmers) and turn on via USB or battery.

Great for Casual Style

3. Nike Sportswear Bucket Hat


  • Why We Love It: all-cotton twill, woven label
  • Shipping: free shipping with free membership signup
  • Returns: 60-day return for unworn and unwashed items

A bucket hat is a perennially popular way to shade your head while hiding messy hair. Tik Tok full of clips showing how guys style theirs, and this classic Nike version is sure to please your 13-year-old giftee. It comes in nine shades from basic black to vivid blue and rich merlot red, and is lightweight enough for him to tuck in his back pocket while he's skating.

Perfect for Laser Tag Fans

4. Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag

Squad Hero

  • Why We Love It: four guns and vests, rechargeable lithium ion batteries
  • Shipping: free Prime delivery
  • Returns: free returns

This four-piece set gets him out from behind the console and into the outdoors, encouraging action, exercise, socializing and team-building. “This set has been a blast for my boys,” writes one reviewer. “You can play up to 4 people. It has a chest strap for the target. Lots of fun for any ages 5 to 13…or maybe older.” They charge in as little as two hours and have both pistol and automatic weapon modes. The 150-feet range lets strike register as a hit on the vest and the front tip of the gun, and there’s an easy team light selector to keep you and your team organized.

Ideal for Sleepyheads

5. Lenovo Smart Clock Essential


  • Why We Love It: connects to Alexa, dimmable
  • Shipping: free with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

He’s old enough to learn to wake up without Mom cajoling him, and this clock makes learning that life skill as pleasant as possible with easy scheduling (he can just ask Alexa to do it for him). It’s got a snooze function (absolutely essential, duh) and doubles as a compact smart speaker, measuring only 4 x 3 x 4 inches. And no worries about the ambient light effecting his sleep quality, since the numbers can be dimmed. “I got this for my son,” says one reviewer. “He loves it and I love that I can send him messages while he’s in his room. He thinks it’s pretty cool. Now a gift we give to other friends too!”

Ideal for Harry Potter fans

6. Harry Potter Glow-in-the-Dark Pillow

Pottery Barn Teen

  • Why We Love It: machine washable cover, velvet applique
  • Shipping: $15 standard 3- to 5-day shipping
  • Returns: refund within 30 days with gift receipt

By daylight, this pillow cover’s 5 percent cotton and 95 percent linen fabrication looks fancy, with its velvet applique on a solid background. Then when the lights go out, the linen background glows with a secret map of Hogwarts, complete with footprints and winding passages. Any Harry Potter fan will delight in it after they’ve turned out the lights after tackling another chapter in one of the hefty books it’s based on.

Perfect for Energetic Kids

7. Big Joe Duo Chair

Big Joe

  • Why We Love It: suitable for gaming or study, ‎33 x 32 x 25 inches
  • Shipping: free standard shipping
  • Returns: 30-day return window

Compact size and light weight (only four pounds) make this an easy extra chair for his bedroom or to stake out his own seat in the living room. One reviewer says it’s well proportioned for people under 100 pounds and five feet tall, so a 13-year-old boy who hasn’t gone through full-on puberty will enjoy the comfort of its bean bag filling and then, post growth spurt, outgrowing this chair like the Incredible Hulk. The zebra print, too, nicely straddles a kid’s jungle theme and an adult’s sophisticated upholstery vibe.

Great for Intense Studiers

8. Apple AirPods Max


  • Why We Love It: transparency mode allows high fidelity and conversation, 20 hours on one charge
  • Shipping: free shipping with Prime
  • Returns: 15-day free return window

High-quality sound and slick styling (these headphones come in five colorways, green, silver, sky blue, black and orange) make this headgear a statement that your guy will want to wear around his neck even when he’s not listening through them. Although, when he is listening, he’ll be comfy, since the over-ear cups are cushy and the headband isn’t too tight. And performance? As one reviewer writes, the “audio is clear, and you can hear highs, lows, and everything in between…the built-in noise canceling is the best in the business right now, and is definitely better than its closest competitor. The reason why it is so good is due to the multiple microphones established in the soundbox housing, which not only work EXTREMELY well for the ANC, but also for phone calls. The phone calls made from these headphones are nearly studio mic grade in how they sound.” What makes them especially suitable for a 13-year-old boy? They’re super-sturdy metal, rubber and nylon, according to reviewers, so they’ll stand up to his abuse. And the ear cups are held in by magnets, so replaceable if they get too super-soiled.

Ideal for Frisbee lovers

9. TOSY 36 LEDs Flying Disc


  • Why We Love It: rechargeable, 13 colorways
  • Shipping: free overnight shipping with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

He’s going to ooh and ahh from the first throw of this light-up flying disc; after a mere 30 minutes of charging, it glows for up to a thousand throws or through a full 90-minute Ultimate match. Waterproof, this disc lets you control the brightness, and it’s programmed to blink if it falls unattended—the better to find it over behind that hiking trail. “It's only been a few days,” writes one reviewer, “but thus far all the disks are holding up fine, even with a bunch of kids beating on them.” That’s a solid SOLD! From any adult who has seen a pack of tweens attack any sports equipment.

Great for Gamers

10. Nintendo Switch Lite


  • Why We Love It: more affordable than regular Nintendo Switch, unibody design
  • Shipping: free shipping
  • Returns: 15-day return window

“As someone who has smaller hands, this product fits nicely in your hands while holding it,” a reviewer writes. “It is also lighter compared to the regular Nintendo Switch, so you don't get tired holding it after a long while. Also, the Switch Lite has a matte coating all over itself (excluding the screen) so you don't get the feeling that it will slip out of your hands.” The 5.5-inch screen size and .61-pound weight mean it’s easy to take along in a backpack or tote bag to play on the bus or the back seat on the way to and from school, so your 13-year-old giftee can play popular games like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda on the go.

Super for Music Lovers

11. Nanoleaf Mini Triangles Lighting Set


  • Why We Love It: syncs to music, 16 million colors and tunable whites
  • Shipping: free shipping (5 to 8 days)
  • Returns: return by mail or in store, $5 restocking fee subtracted from purchase amount credited to original payment method

This customizable starter kit of wall-mounted LED lights connects to a 13-year-old’s phone, iPad and/or computer to display a programmable or random sequence of lights. It’s controllable by app, voice, touch or controller and with each of the five panels measuring 4.53 x 3.94 inches and a mere .24 inches thick, the lights won’t take over the room (plus, the lights are dimmable). One reviewer describes gifting this to his teen nephew: “He’s good with electronics so setting up the lights was not that difficult. It only took him ten minutes he said. I’ll admit the lights look pretty cool…it’s a new generation’s version of a lava lamp that you can sync to your computer.”

Perfect for Aspiring Photographers

12. DEERC D20 Mini Drone with Camera


  • Why We Love It: 2.04 ounces, footage saves to smart phone
  • Shipping: free shipping
  • Returns: 30-day return window

A great starter drone, this baby takes only 80 minutes to charge then flies and shoots for up to 20 minutes at a stretch using its optimized modular batteries (included). The 60-degree wide-angle lens on the camera is great for landscape shots, and there’s an altitude hold function that lets users shoot stable images from the get-go. One reviewer gives it raves: “It has a camera on it that can take decent quality photos and videos through the free app. My 10-year-old son can fly it like a champ. He dreams of being a drone videographer someday, so this is a great practice drone before making a more expensive purchase. All in all, it's a really fun drone.”

Ideal for Fidgeters

13. Shashibo Shape Shifting Box


  • Why We Love It: slides into 70 shapes, 2.3-inch square cube size
  • Shipping: free overnight with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

This patented fidget box includes 36 magnets which hold it together yet allow it to slide into 70 unique shapes. Palm-sized its injection-mold-plastic feels smooth to the touch, a soothing experience that helps focus attention and alleviate stress. Fidget toys are increasingly popular for middle school-aged students and above, an acceptable way to redirect nervous energy without depending on a digital screen. This artist-designed toy comes in 18 vivid patterns and colorways, so it’s a collectible, too.

Perfect for Beach Lovers

14. DBX Skimboard


  • Why We Love It: portable, lightweight
  • Shipping: $9 standard shipping
  • Returns: 90-day return policy for a gift certificate with a gift receipt

One reviewer touts this 37-inch thin wooden board as “a great beginner board for my son to learn on. It was inexpensive and a good value for the cost.” Your giftee can enjoy it two ways—on waves, like a surfboard, or on the beach in up to 10 millimeters of water, in what’s called flatland skimboarding. In the latter method, a person runs parallel to the waves, throws down the board, then leaps atop it to hydroplane across the top of the water for yards.

Perfect for Paintball Fans

15. Tansar Glow in The Dark Gel Gun Blaster


  • Why We Love It: 1.96 pounds, lithium ion battery included
  • Shipping: free shipping with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

The Tansar Glow in The Dark Gel Gun Blaster impressed a recent user with its sleek design and unique glow in the dark feature. It fired the gel balls accurately, making it ideal for playtime battles with friends and family. The user also noted the gun's durability, which held up well after multiple uses with no issues of jamming or misfires. “I bought this gun for my son's birthday and he absolutely loves it! We've had a ton of fun playing with it, and the glow in the dark feature is really cool. The gun feels well-made and durable, and I appreciate that it's easy to use. Definitely recommend,” writes one reviewer. We recommend buying two of these blasters, so your giftee can invite a friend over for a backyard battle.

Perfect for Racquet Sports Enthusiasts

16. Pro-Spin All-in-One Portable Ping Pong Paddles Set


  • Why We Love It: portability, includes 2 paddles, net and 3 balls
  • Shipping: One-day shipping with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

The Pro-Spin All-in-One Portable Ping Pong Paddles Set is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy ping pong on the go. The set includes two high-quality paddles and a retractable net that clamps to a table edge, making it easy to set up a game anywhere. The paddles are well-made and provide good ball control, and the retractable net is easy to install and adjust to any table size. The compact size and lightweight design make it easy to take with you on trips or to set up in smaller spaces. It's also very convenient for those who don't have room for a full-sized ping pong table. One reviewer writes: "I love this set! I recently moved to a smaller apartment and didn't have space for a full-sized ping pong table, so this set was perfect. The paddles are high-quality and provide good ball control, and the retractable net is super easy to set up. Plus, it's so portable that I can take it with me when I travel.”

Ideal for Junior Scientists

17. National Geographic Rocket Launcher for Kids

National Geographic

  • Why We Love It: explains science, launches up to 200 feet
  • Shipping: one-day free with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

For any 13-year-old boy interested in science and space exploration, this kit includes all the necessary components to build and launch a rocket up to 200 feet in the air. The kit includes a rocket, launch pad, and step-by-step instructions. The rocket itself is made with durable materials and is easy to assemble. It has a colorful design that makes it attractive and eye-catching. The launch pad is also very stable, and it is easy to set up and use. The launcher has adjustable angles which allow for customization and different launching heights. Besides the fun of blast-off, this kit has educational value. The instructions are very detailed and explain the science— physics and engineering principles—behind the rocket launch. (It’s a stealth move to get them to pursue further learning in the field.) Fun and interactive, this is a super way to bring the family together to watch the blast-off. One buyer writes: "I purchased this rocket launcher for my son's birthday, and he has been thrilled with it. He loves building and launching the rocket, and it's been a great way to get him interested in science.”

Perfect for TikTokkers

18. Ultimate Teen Easter Basket Set

Uncommon Goods

  • Why We Love It: card deck has 200 ideas to spur creative videos, cute socks
  • Shipping: standard shipping in 7 to 9 days
  • Returns: free gift returns for gift certificate

If your 13-year-old giftee is social media-curious but not sure where to start, this kit will get them started. From the cute socks (adorned with smiley faces for the weekend, frowns for the school week) to the deck of cards with ideas for viral videos, this kit includes lots of inspiration. The prankster in him will appreciate the box of six gummy bears that includes one unmarked gummy that is full of ultra-spicy Carolina reaper pepper extract, which makes a fun challenge for his first video.

  • Why We Love It: sturdy construction, immersive sound quality
  • Shipping: one-day free shipping with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

A great choice for gamers who want to take their gaming experience to the next level, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a high-quality PC gaming headset that offers a range of advanced features and impressive performance. Its secret sauce is the Cloud Alpha S dual-chamber driver system, which delivers incredibly clear and accurate sound across the entire frequency spectrum. Whether your giftee is playing a fast-paced shooter or a more atmospheric RPG, this headset provides crisp, detailed sound that helps him stay fully immersed in the game. Another key feature of the Cloud Alpha S is its advanced audio control system, which includes a built-in sound card and a range of EQ presets that allows customization of the sound experience to the user’s liking. This system also includes virtual 7.1 surround sound, which helps you pinpoint enemy locations and other key audio cues with remarkable accuracy. All this, delivered in a comfortable headset with a soft, padded headband and ear cups that fit snugly over your ears without causing any discomfort or fatigue.

Great for Basketball Fans

20. Excite Small-Stars Minis Damian Lillard


  • Why We Love It: articulated joints, 12 inches tall
  • Shipping: free one-day with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

The Excite Small-Stars Minis Damian Lillard toy is a super gift for any 13-year-old boy who is a fan of basketball or the NBA. The toy is a miniaturized version of Damian Lillard, a popular NBA point guard known for his excellent ball handling and shooting. The design of the figure is highly detailed and accurate, making it a great collectible item for any young fan of the sport. The toy is also made with durable materials, ensuring that it will last for a long time even with regular use. In terms of playability, the Excite Small-Stars Minis Damian Lillard toy is also quite fun. It has articulated joints, allowing the figure to be posed in a variety of different positions, and it comes with a basketball that can be held and thrown by the figure. This makes it great for imaginative play and for reenacting exciting moments from Damian Lillard’s career.

Perfect for Sneaker Collectors

21. X-Float Levitating Shoe Display


  • Why We Love It: uses strong magnets that tucks into heel, LED light
  • Shipping: free with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

The X-Float Levitating Shoe Display is a unique and eye-catching way to display shoes, especially for retailers or shoe enthusiasts who want to showcase their collections in a creative way. The display uses magnetic levitation technology to suspend a shoe above a base, creating a floating effect that can attract attention and add a touch of futuristic flair to any environment. The shoe rotates slowly for a 360-degree view of the shoe, which can be particularly useful for online sales or showcasing a limited-edition shoe. Bottom line: the X-Float Levitating Shoe Display is a fun, innovative product that is the sort of gift splurge a sneaker collector will really appreciate.

Ideal for Grooming-Challenged Guys

22. Stryke Club Lazy Boy Club

Stryke Club

  • Why We Love It: includes portable sizes, light fragrance
  • Shipping: free standard shipping
  • Returns: return for refund within 30 days

“I ordered the lazy boy kit for my 13-year-old son. Honestly, the name caught my attention. My son is an athlete. Like most boys, he's pretty lazy about taking care of his skin, but he likes products that smell good,” writes one reviewer. “When I gave him the kit, he immediately opened the wash and said that it smelled really good, and put it in his shower. He asked me for a plastic zip-top bag and put the other three items in his gym bag.” This line, targeted to young men’s needs, includes wipes, body wash, hydrating lip balm and a spot treatment for acne.

Great for NFL Fans

23. Pottery Barn Teen NFL Super Storage Lapdesk

PB Teen

  • Why We Love It: pencil ledge, customizable with favorite team
  • Shipping: $15 standard shipping
  • Returns: no returns due to team personalization

The Pottery Barn Teen NFL lap desk is a stylish and functional accessory for any young sports fan's study or homework space. This 17-inch-wide x 13-inch-deep x 4.5-inch-high size lap desk is generously sized, has a durable and sturdy wood construction and comes with a comfortable cushioned bottom that conforms to your lap for a stable and comfortable writing or computing experience.The desk has a smooth, glossy surface that is perfect for writing, drawing, or using a laptop, and it also comes with a built-in pen holder and a recessed groove for your phone or tablet. The lap desk's NFL design features a colorful team logo and is licensed by the National Football League, making it a perfect gift for any young football enthusiast. Durable construction, comfortable cushioning and thoughtful features make this lap desk an ideal choice for any young student or gamer who wants to show their love for their favorite NFL team while staying productive.

Perfect for Concert Goers

24. Veckle Stadium Fanny Pack


  • Why We Love It: waterproof, 11 x 6.5 x 5.9 inches
  • Shipping: free with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

Stadium security often requires personal items be stored in transparent carry cases rather than backpacks. The Veckle Fanny Pack is a suitable option since it’s see-through and made from high-quality materials and features a sleek and modern design that is sure to impress. One of the standout features of the Veckle Fanny Pack is its spacious main compartment, which offers plenty of room for storing everything from a phone and wallet to snacks and a water bottle. The pack also has a front zipper pocket and a back zipper pocket, providing additional storage options for smaller items. The strap is also easy to adjust, making it perfect for a growing boy who may need to make changes as he gets older. The fanny pack trim comes in a range of colors, including black, gray and blue, making it easy to find a style that matches any outfit. With its spacious compartments, adjustable waist strap, and modern design, this fanny pack is sure to impress.

Perfect for Mobile Art Making

25. GenCrafts Watercolor Brush Pens Set


  • Why We Love It: blendable colors, refillable water chambers
  • Shipping: free one-day with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

The GenCrafts Watercolor Brush Pens Set of 20 Premium Colors is a watercolor brush pen set that comes with 20 vibrant and rich colors. The set is suitable for a 13-year-old boy who is interested in art and wants to explore watercolor painting. The brush pens are made of high-quality materials and are non-toxic, making them safe for kids to use. The soft and flexible nylon brush tips allow for versatile brush strokes, making it easy to achieve both fine lines and broad strokes. The brush pens can be used on different surfaces such as watercolor paper, sketch pads, and even canvas. Unlike actual watercolors, these babies are convenient and mess-free, as they do not require water or brushes. Still, the colors are vibrant and blend well together, providing endless possibilities for unique artwork.

Perfect for Hormonal Skin Care

26. SolaWave Bye Acne Spot Treatment


  • Why We Love It: fast and effective, 1-year warranty
  • Shipping: free
  • Returns: 30-day window to start returns

If your giftee is struggling with acne and looking for a little help, they’ll appreciate the SolaWave Bye Acne device, designed to help reduce the appearance of pimples in just three minutes. The SolaWave Bye Acne device uses blue and red LED lights to help reduce inflammation and kill acne-causing bacteria. It also includes a warming function to help open up pores and allow the treatment to penetrate deeper into the skin. To use the device, simply place it over a pimple and hold it there for three minutes. (Be sure to remind your giftee, this is a spot treatment only and should not be used all over the face.) Great for recurring or occasional breakouts, this is a useful self-care tool for him.

Perfect for Workout Fans

27. Delaman Punching Bag with Stand


  • Why We Love It: comes with installation hardware, includes pump and gloves
  • Shipping: free three-day shipping
  • Returns: free 90-day returns

It’s a rite of passage—every teen needs his own punching bag for building muscles and breaking down anxiety or anger management. This one comes with a stand and is sturdy and durable; it’s made of high-quality PU leather, which can withstand heavy punches and kicks without tearing or cracking. The stand is made of steel, which is strong enough to hold the bag in place during intense workouts. One reviewer writes. “I ordered this punching bag for my grandson to take out his frustrations on; overall, it's a good piece of equipment. The gloves came with it fits great. Base moves a bit when filled with water, so consider sand.” The setup of the punching bag and stand is relatively easy, and it comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. The height of the stand is adjustable, which means it can be adjusted to fit the height of the user. Boxing, kickboxing, MMA, fitness training—it’s all going to level up once your giftee starts using this bag. The 13.78-inch diameter 35.43-inch length is suitable for a 13-year-old boy, and the height is adjustable to suit him as he grows. For anyone who wants to get in shape or blow off some steam, this is their bag.

Perfect for Neighborhood Cruisers

28. Hover-1 Dynamo Electric Scooter


  • Why We Love It: range is 9 miles per charge,
  • Shipping: free two-day shipping
  • Returns: free 30-day returns

The Hover-1 Dynamo Electric Scooter is an amazing gift for any 13-year-old boy who loves outdoor activities and is looking for a fun and convenient way to get around. This electric scooter is sleek, zippy and has all the features your young teenager could want in a mode of transportation. The Hover-1 Dynamo Electric Scooter is equipped with a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 16 mph, making it an excellent choice for cruising around the neighborhood. It also has a range of up to nine miles on a single charge, which is perfect for short trips or school runs. Made of durable materials with a sturdy frame, the scooter is capable of handling up to 264 pounds. Need to pick up your scooter rider once they’re done? The compact foldable design makes it easy to store and transport when not in use. The scooter weighs just 26 pounds, so your teen can even pop it in your hatchback themselves. A great entry level gift to let your giftee get a taste of the freedom and independence of the open road…within limits.

Great for Family Game Night

29. Escape Room In A Box The Werewolf Experiment

Mattel Games

  • Why We Love It: accommodates two to eight players, can be re-played with new clues
  • Shipping: free with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

Need an amazing gift for a 13-year-old boy who loves puzzles, problem-solving, and a good mystery? This board game is an exciting and challenging adventure that will keep him engaged and entertained for hours. The game is designed to be played with a group of two to eight players and can take anywhere from one to two hours to complete. It comes with all the necessary materials, including a timer, clue cards and puzzles, making it easy to set up and play right out of the box. As a player, your teen will be locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles to escape, while also uncovering the mystery of a secret experiment gone wrong that has turned one of the players into a werewolf. The puzzles are challenging but not overly difficult, and each one is well-designed and adds to the overall storyline of the game. This game also has great replay value, as the puzzles and clues are randomized each time you play, offering new challenges and surprises every time. Additionally, the game features the use of technology in some of the puzzles, adding an extra layer of intrigue and excitement. The only downside is that the game requires a bit of set-up time, but once that's done, the game is easy to follow and flows smoothly.

Perfect for Outdoorsy Types

30. Nocs Provisions Waterproof Binocular


  • Why We Love It: 8x magnification mimics a 400 mm camera lens, 4.5 x 4.25 x 1.75 inch size
  • Shipping: free shipping
  • Returns: unused gear returned within 30 days can be refunded for credit

Nocs Provisions Waterproof Binoculars are a great item for a 13-year-old boy who loves to explore the outdoors or attend outdoor concerts. These binoculars offer impressive clarity and are built to withstand any weather condition, making them perfect for outdoor adventures. One satisfied customer raves, "I gave these binoculars to my nephew, and he's obsessed! He's taken them on camping trips, birdwatching excursions, and even uses them for stargazing. The waterproof design is a game-changer, and the clarity is truly remarkable." On hikes, nature walks or during an outdoor concert, the compact size makes them easy to carry around, and they show details up to 1,000 feet. The waterproof feature is an added bonus, as it provides peace of mind in wet weather conditions. Know a 13-year-old boy who has a passion for adventure? These mini binocs are a must-buy.

Perfect for the organizationally challenged

31. Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker


  • Why We Love It: rings within 400 feet, app-based
  • Shipping: Free shipping with Prime
  • Returns: free

Know an absent-minded 13-year-old boy? They need the Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker to make their life easier. Its sturdy construction and long-range connectivity make it perfect for active teenagers who might misplace their belongings frequently. Setup is a breeze, and the device pairs easily with a smartphone, allowing the user to locate lost items quickly—keys, backpack or other essentials. One satisfied customer writes, "I gave the Tile Pro to my 13-year-old nephew, and he loves it! He's constantly losing his backpack, but with the Tile, he can easily locate it, even if it's hidden under a pile of clothes or left behind at school." Practical and easy to use, the Tile Pro offers peace of mind to both the user and their parents.

Super for Sport Collectors

32. Hot Box Cards

Hot Box

  • Why We Love It: optional subscription, includes 56 separate items per box
  • Shipping: $5 standard shipping
  • Returns: contact seller

Is your 13-year-old giftee a sports fan with a special team he follows? You can enter that team name when ordering this box of commemorative cards and you'll get representation of it among the three autograph/memorabilia cards, three unopened packs and 50 bonus cards in each box. Note—you can order one box or one to be delivered monthly, for a new set of surprises.

Best for Sporty Types

33. Huckberry Weekenders Sunglasses


  • Why We Love It: scratch-resistant lenses, polarized lenses reduce eye strain
  • Shipping: $5 standard shipping
  • Returns: free returns within 30 days

Classic design? High-quality at a reasonable price? These Huckberry sunglasses check all the boxes, and they’re durable enough for a 13-year-old boy to wear skating, playing ball or overall horsing around. One of the standout features of these sunglasses is their polarized lenses, which reduce glare and improve clarity in the bright outdoors. The lenses also offer 100 percent UV protection, making them ideal for protecting the eyes during outdoor activities. With their lightweight yet sturdy frame, these glasses are comfortable to wear for extended periods. They're also designed with a timeless aesthetic that will complement any outfit, whether it's for a casual day out or a more formal occasion. One satisfied customer shares, "Great value for the quality offered. The size is great. Lenses are good quality and polarization is a plus." Overall, the Huckberry Weekenders Sunglasses are a fantastic gift for a 13-year-old boy who appreciates style, practicality and not squinting.

Great for Fashion Lovers

34. Timberland Printed Ripstop Anorak Jacket


  • Why We Love It: scratch-resistant lenses, polarized lenses reduce eye strain
  • Shipping: $5 standard shipping
  • Returns: free returns within 30 days
  • Sizes: SML to XLG

Pretty much everything from PacSun is a hit with 13-year-old boys; similarly, that age male can never have too many hoodies. This one from popular Timberland brand has an all-cotton shell lined with polyester, so it will keep him warm when he layers it over a T-shirt. And the drawcord hem can be left loose or cinched to keep him warm. And the mid-chest logo is a hit with today’s label-conscious teens.

Perfect for Swimmers

35. Funboy Yacht Pool Float


  • Why We Love It: dual drink holders, room for two
  • Shipping: $10 ground shipping
  • Returns: unopened packages can be returned within 30 days

The Funboy Yacht Pool Float is the perfect gift for any 13-year-old boy who loves spending time in the water. This inflatable pool float is designed to look like a luxurious yacht, complete with a stylish blue and white color scheme, gold accents and a spacious deck. Measuring over 9 feet long, this pool float provides ample space for the recipient to stretch out and relax in the sun. It is made from durable, high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use, ensuring that it will last for many summers to come. Simply inflate it using a standard air pump; it takes less than three minutes to fill its multiple air chambers, which help to distribute weight evenly and ensure that it stays afloat even in rough waters (or friends battling to commandeer the ship). Stylish design, durability and ease of use make this a standout accessory that is sure to impress.

Great for Hot Sauce Lovers

36. Melinda’s Pepper Sauce Challenge Collection


  • Why We Love It: contains 6 mild to wild hot pepper sauces, 30 ounces total
  • Shipping: one-day free shipping with Prime
  • Returns: non-returnable unless damaged

If your 13-year-old has logged on YouTube practically ever, they’ve seen the Hot Ones, now in its twentieth season, the funny series in which celebrities sample increasingly spicy hot wings (a recent episode is entitled “Pedro Pascal Cries from His Head While Eating Spicy Wings”). This set of six hot spices lets your giftee stage his own challenge, from the relatively mild and tangy Jalapeño sauce to the Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce, which rates two million Scoville units and contains the Trinidad Moruga pepper. These sauces have fresh garlic, onions, tomatoes, lime juice and carrots among their natural ingredients…just remind your giftee not to touch his eyes after he eats wings spiced with these sauces.

Ideal for Casual Dressers

37. Crocs Classic Realtree Clog


  • Why We Love It: foam cushioned footbed, slip-on design
  • Shipping: free
  • Returns: free
  • Sizes: 4 to 17

These are the little pandemic-era shoe that could, according to the New York Times. They’re comfortable, come in a billion colors and are all over TikTok, and among the five most popular shoe styles among teens. Made with the brand’s trademark thermoplastic EVA footbed, it has circulation nubs that gently massage while you walk. And at just 7 ounces, they’re so lightweight he won’t even realize he’s wearing them. (Oh, and be sure to include a couple Jibbitz charms, the little trinkets that wearers stick in the holes to customize them.)

Perfect for Campers

38. Fatboy Lamzac Air Lounger


  • Why We Love It: carry case included, innovative no-pump air filling system
  • Shipping: free one-day shipping with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

This innovative lounger is designed is ultra-lightweight (only 2.6 pounds) and easy to transport (it fits in the included backpack), making it perfect for camping trips, beach days and other outdoor fun. Made from high-quality nylon ripstop fabric that is both durable and comfortable, it can be quickly inflated without the need for a pump, simply by scooping up air and rolling the end to seal it shut. Once inflated, the lounger can support up to 440 pounds of weight—you know, in case Dad decides to take a nap on it. The included carry bag has a shoulder strap and won't take up too much space in a backpack or suitcase. It comes in eight vivid colors, a kind of happy exclamation mark to punctuate so many drab camping accessories.

Ideal for Future Interior Decorators

39. Minger LED Strip Lights


  • Why We Love It: changes color, remote controlled
  • Shipping: free with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

He will enjoy putting this 65.6 foot string of lights on range remote allows to remotely control lights anywhere in your home. There’s a 3-button control box, a simple way to control the lights that can be stuck on easy-to-reach place. Back adhesive and 20 clips ensure that this brilliant strand will be secure. Best of all, he will be able to scroll between 20 hues with the attached remote control.

gifts for 13-year-old boys: Vineyard Vines pullover
  • Why We Love It: moisture-wicking fabric, 55/45 cotton/polyester blend
  • Shipping: free with Prime
  • Returns: free returns
  • Sizes: X-Small to XX-Large

The quarter-zip sweater will be his go-to and Vineyard Vines is quality. The fabric is super-soft, and the styling is so classic that he can pop this on over a button down and go to dinner or throw it on over a t-shirt if he’s out somewhere and it gets breezy. The reason this is clutch for a 13-year-old especially is that the wrinkle-resistant fabric can be fished out of a backpack and it will still look neat when he wears it. Buy this a size larger than you think he wears, for him to grow into it, and if he’s especially stylish or super-preppie, get this in the sailor red tone, a pinky color that’s understood as flattering and classic by young men comfortable enough to sport it.

Perfect for Summer Campers

41. L.L.Bean Adventure Rolling Duffle Bag

L.L. Bean

  • Why We Love It: new design stands upright, 420 denier nylon
  • Shipping: free shipping
  • Returns: one year return window

“My last adventure duffle died after 12 years so it was time to be replaced,” says one reviewer. “Love that this one stands on end! Still has plenty of room for a long weekend worth of clothes!” While the 23-inch height may be too long for some airlines to allow as a carry-on (users report having to gate-check on Delta, but getting the go-ahead flying Southwest and American, for example), this sturdy duffel’s classic styling and rugged construction mean it will last for your giftee’s teen years, at least. In eight bright nylon colors and fitted with reinforcing straps, this duffel is going to keep his stuff secure away from home.

Great for Skaters

42. Vans Classic Slip-Ons


  • Why We Love It: gum rubber outsole provides traction, breathable cotton drill lining
  • Shipping: free shipping
  • Returns: free returns within 365 days
  • Sizes: 3.5 to 16

Vans classic checkerboard slip-on shoes are the perfect gift for any 13-year-old boy who loves to skate or has a cool, laid-back style. These shoes feature a classic black and white checkerboard pattern that is iconic to the Vans brand, making them a stylish and recognizable addition to any outfit. The slip-on design of these shoes makes them easy to put on and take off, which is perfect for boys who are always on the go (aka can’t be bothered with laces). They also feature a comfortable, durable canvas upper and a rubber sole that provides excellent traction and grip on a skateboard or any other surface. These versatile shoes can be worn with jeans and t-shirts or more dressy attire—expect to see them in heavy rotation at school, hanging out with friends, or hitting the skate park.

Ideal for Home Fitness Fanatics

43. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

Perfect Fitness

  • Why We Love It: multiple grip options, one-year warranty
  • Shipping: free with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

Does your giftee want to start a fitness regimen or continue their team conditioning at home? This doorway pull-up bar is the ticket, with its wide grip, curved ergonomic handles (enabling wide, close and hammer grip pull-ups) and padded handles that ensure comfort for sit-ups, pushups and dips. It securely fits in doorways from 27 to 33 inches, up to 6 inches deep, and doesn’t require any permanent installation, so he can just pop it down to use it for sit ups and push ups after he’s done all those reps of pull-ups. With a 300-pound weight capacity, you know it’s sturdy.

Great for Outdoor Recreation

44. Spikeball Game Set


  • Why We Love It: comes with drawstring bag, quick assembly
  • Shipping: free with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

Spikeball is an exciting, fast-paced game that will challenge active, competitive 13-year-old boys. This game set includes a round net that is placed on the ground; players hit a small ball off the net and try to get it past their opponents. The net has a unique design that allows for multiple angles and bounces. This game set is easy to set up and can be played both indoors and outdoors, making it good for family gatherings, parties or a day at the park. It also comes with a handy carrying bag, so your guy can easily take it to any location. We like that the game encourages physical activity and social interaction, making it an excellent way for boys to stay active and have fun with their friends.

Perfect for Gamers

45. Bluetooth VR Headset with Earphones

The Sharper Image

  • Why We Love It: compatible with iPhone and Android phones, built-in volume control/answer button
  • Shipping: $15 economy shipping
  • Returns: 60-day return window for e-gift card

The Sharper Image Bluetooth VR Headset with Earphones is an excellent gift choice for a 13-year-old boy who loves gaming and virtual reality experiences. This high-quality headset is designed to deliver an immersive and comfortable VR experience with built-in earphones that provide crystal-clear audio. The headset is compatible with most smartphones and features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the user to pair it with their device and enjoy a wire-free experience. It also comes with a built-in touch button that lets them navigate through menus and select items within the VR environment. The headset is lightweight and adjustable, making it easy to wear for extended periods without causing a headache. The earphones provide excellent sound quality and are adjustable to fit the user's ears comfortably. The headset is also designed with a foam cushion that provides extra comfort and helps block out external light to enhance the VR experience. The Sharper Image Bluetooth VR Headset with Earphones is easy to set up and use, making it an excellent choice for a young gamer who may not be familiar with VR technology.

Ideal for Freshening Rooms

46. Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser


  • Why We Love It: adjustable brightness, 7 LED colored lights
  • Shipping: free with Prime
  • Returns: free

If your giftee wants to creat a relaxing and calming environment in his room, this sleek, stylish diffuser will help. It uses ultrasonic technology to disperse a fine mist of water and essential oils into the air. The diffuser features a compact design that is easy to use and maintain. It has a 300ml water tank that can run for up to 10 hours continuously, making it perfect for overnight use. (There’s an auto shutoff for when it runs out of water.) A variety of timer settings and adjustable mist levels allows the user to customize the fragrance intensity. In addition to its functional features, the Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser is also cool-looking. It has a minimalist design that will complement any room decor, and it comes with seven different and adjustable LED light colors.

Perfect for curious creatives

47. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen


  • Why We Love It: great intro to 3-D printing, lightweight
  • Shipping: free one-day shipping with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

“I bought my two oldest grandkids this for Christmas 2022. They are 12 and 13 years old,” one reviewer writes. “My daughter-in-law spent today’s snow day with my youngest grandson making butterflies and a Kansas City Chiefs arrowhead. I would highly recommend this pen and plan on getting myself one soon.” The MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display would make a fantastic gift for a 13-year-old boy who is interested in technology, engineering and just making stuff. This innovative pen allows users to draw and create 3D structures, an exciting new way to explore design and engineering concepts. The OLED display on the pen provides real-time feedback on the pen's temperature and filament type, making it easy to use and customize for different projects. The pen also features adjustable temperature and speed settings, so users can draw with precision and control. The pen comes with a variety of filament colors to get started; refillable cartridges make it easy to switch between colors and materials. The lightweight, ergonomic design of the pen ensures comfortable use for extended periods, and the intuitive controls make it easy to learn and master.

Great for Backyard Parties

48. Pop-A-Shot Basketball Game


  • Why We Love It: LED two-digit scoreboard and timer, uses size 3 mini-baseketballs
  • Shipping: free shipping with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

The Pop-A-Shot Official Pop-Up Tailgate Basketball Game is a portable and durable game that can be set up in just minutes. It features a sturdy frame that can be quickly assembled and broken down, making it perfect for outdoor activities and tailgating parties. The frame is made of high-quality steel that can withstand vigorous play and is powder-coated for weather resistance.The game also comes with a heavy-duty polyester backboard that can withstand rough play. It has two hoops that are 12 inches in diameter each, making it easy to score points. The hoops are made of high-quality steel that can last for years and can be adjusted to different heights, allowing the teenager to customize the difficulty level of the game.The Pop-A-Shot Official Pop-Up Tailgate Basketball Game comes with two basketballs that are made of high-quality rubber and perfectly sized for the hoops. The game can accommodate up to four players at a time, making it a great way for the teenager to play with friends and family. Remember, basketball requires good hand-eye coordination, and this game will improve his skills as he practices shooting baskets, no Playstation joystick required.

Ideal for Chatterbox Teens

49. Pandasaurus Games The Mind

Pandasaurus Games

  • Why We Love It: teaches silent teamwork, 2 to 4 players
  • Shipping: free one-day shipping with Prime
  • Returns: free returns

This deceptively simple card game has sold over 3.5 million games worldwide, and it has over 4,400 five-star reviews on Amazon. What gives? “Weirdly addictive” according to one reviewer, the game requires that you play the numbered cards in ascending order, from each player’s hands, without talking. Large gesturing is not allowed, so careful attention and concentration is required…and the tension (and fun) runs high. This is appropriate for family game night as well as being a game that’s fun to take along on weekend car trips.

Perfect for 'Stranger Things' Fans

50. Fifth Sun Hellfire T-Shirt

Fifth Sun

  • Why We Love It: 100 percent cotton, ¾ length sleeves
  • Shipping: free with Prime
  • Returns: free returns
  • Sizes: Large to XX-Large

Did he avidly watch the latest season of this hit show, with its mystical goings-on, spooky plot twists and prevailing teen pals? This T-shirt, based on the club the kids are in on the show, is sure to make him grin.

Great for Soda Drinkers

51. SodaStream Art White Soda Machine


  • Why We Love It: one-touch operation, replaces plastic bottles
  • Shipping: free shipping
  • Returns: free returns by mail or in store

Is your little environmentalist all over the household criticizing your use of all those plastic soda bottles…but they love their Sprite, too? Give them this one-touch soda maker that uses manual carbonation—no batteries required—to fill reusable bottles with fizzy drinks. Be sure to add a few of the flavor packets (from $7) like Pepsi and Sierra Mist so he can recreate his favorite drinks at home. Added plus: this machine’s dimensions are 17.48 inch tall, 7.24 in wide and 11.69 inch deep, so it fits on the countertop, looking sleek.

The 32 Best Subscription Boxes for Your Teen

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