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Iced coffee lovers, rejoice: There’s a brand-new way to enjoy an energizing cold cup. Nitro brew coffee is trending, and it might just be the most refreshing version yet. Here’s everything you need to know before you order one.

What exactly is nitro brew?
Simply put, it’s cold brew coffee that has been infused with nitrogen to form an ultra-smooth finish. If you want to go a little deeper, nitro brew refers to coffee that has been cold brewed for up to 24 hours before being infused with nitrogen bubbles and served through a tap like beer.

And what does this magical brew taste like?
Silky smooth and perfectly rich in flavor. (Many reviews say it resembles the texture of a Guinness.) Most brewers suggest forgoing additional milk or sugar, as the nitrogen infusion gives the coffee a creamy texture and ever-so-slightly-sweet taste. But if you’re the person who likes her iced coffee loaded up with milk and sugar, the nitro brew’s bold flavor might not be for you. 

Who came up with the idea?
Although the debate rages on as to who came up with the idea first (it’s been narrowed down to Cuvee Cofee in Texas; Stumptown Coffee in Oregon, pictured above; and The Queens Kickshaw in New York), there are now hundreds of coffee shops who offer their own versions.

Where can I try a cup?
Check with your local specialty coffee shop to see if it has nitro brew on tap, or you can pick up a canned version from brands like Stumptown or Death Wish Coffee at the grocery store.

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