Here’s What to Cook Every Night This Week (June 8 – 14)

Some weeks, we’re thrilled to get into the kitchen and spend two hours baking from scratch (hello, three loaves of sourdough sitting in our freezer). This is not one of those weeks. We’re keeping things quick, easy and flexible, so you can kick back with a comforting meal as quickly as possible. Self-care in a bowl? Don’t mind if we do.

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Shopping List

2 heads of garlic
2 large onions
1 large shallot
1 bunch scallions
2 lemons
1½ pounds carrots
1 head cauliflower
2 large sweet potatoes
1 avocado
½ cup sugar snap peas
5 cups mixed soft greens (such as arugula, spinach, basil or parsley)
1 bunch rosemary
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch dill (optional)

4 chicken thighs
Four 4- to 5-ounce salmon filets
4 ounces thinly sliced prosciutto

1 pint milk
4 ounces Parmesan cheese
4 ounces Pecorino Romano cheese
4 ounces crumbled blue cheese
6 ounces burrata cheese
4 ounces sour cream

16 ounces dried pasta
1 cup brown basmati rice
12 yellow corn tortillas
1 package crostini or crackers

Canned and Packaged Goods
1 package miso paste (we like Miso Master)
1 package gochujang
1 jar red curry paste
One 14-ounce can coconut milk
One 14-ounce can black beans
One 10-ounce package frozen peas

Pantry Staples: kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, extra-virgin olive oil, flaky salt, crushed red pepper flakes, rice vinegar or soy sauce, sesame oil or neutral oil, coconut oil.

Monday: One-pan Roasted Chicken With Carrots

What's the worst part of cooking dinner? The clean-up, of course. That's why we're obsessed with this one-pan roasted chicken and carrots recipe. Cook it all at once on a sheet pan, then enjoy dinner (without a pile of pots and pans in the sink).

Tuesday: Any-green Pesto

The key to this pesto is that it’s 100 percent adaptable to what’s already in your kitchen. For the greens, we used a combination of spinach and arugula, but any soft herb or tender leaves will work—basil, parsley, cilantro, watercress, heck, even frozen peas.

Wednesday: Miso-glazed Salmon With Gochujang Rice

This week’s “Made From Sketch” features a ridiculously easy fish dish. Paired with spicy-sweet gochujang rice (and maybe a veggie of your choice), you’ve got a complete meal in about 45 minutes and you barely had to lift a finger.

Thursday: Cauliflower Curry With Crispy Shallots

We simmer our favorite vegetable in a Thai-inspired yellow curry, which is mild (not spicy) but big on flavor. Serve this as a main dish over rice or as a side dish. And should there be any leftovers, the curry tastes even better the next day.

Friday: Sweet Potato And Black Bean Tacos With Blue Cheese Crema

They’re hearty, filling and packed with protein, and they just so happen to be vegetarian. Plus, there’s a blue cheese dipping sauce. Win-win.

Saturday: Double Pea, Prosciutto And Burrata Platter

It’s your party and you’ll eat burrata for dinner if you want to. Best of all, it’s ready to serve in ten minutes and you don’t even have to turn on the oven.

Sunday: Kelp And Zucchini Noodle Pad Thai

If you haven’t cooked with kelp noodles, we guarantee this recipe will have you hooked. Traditionally found in Korean dishes, they don’t need any cooking—just soaking—and taste a bit like al dente glass noodles. They’re gluten-free, paleo and rich in nutrients like iron, vitamin K, calcium and fiber.

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