“Run, Don’t Walk” to Try the New REESE’S Caramel Big Cups Say These TikTokers

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REESE'S/Dasha Burobina for PureWow

Forget cheese pulls. We’re all about caramel pulls in 2024. Specifically, REESE’S newest launch, the Caramel Big Cup

Consider it an ooey gooey upgrade to the beloved classic: REESE’S added a new, creamy and delicious layer of caramel to their Big Cup peanut butter cups. According to reviewers, the larger size of the cup allows for the perfect balance of all three flavors: chocolate, caramel and peanut-buttery goodness.

These TikTokers put it to the ultimate taste-test. Here’s what they had to say.

The Taste-Testers


The @thehungryfoodie’s review gives us an up-close look at the inside of the new REESE’S Caramel Big Cup, which she says balances nicely by combining the saltiness of the creamy peanut butter and the sweetness of the gooey caramel center.


Meanwhile, food influencer @jasminebellepak says, “You can taste every single layer!” Also, the Big Cup means this REESE’S is actually twice as big as a normal REESE’S, so there’s more chocolate and peanut butter (in addition to the new caramel layer) to go around. 

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