The 15 Best Burgers in L.A., Ranked

Where does your favorite fall on the list?

Living in Los Angeles can seem like a culinary joke: Would you like a side of kale with your salad? But some days just call for a delightful, mouthwatering, flavor-packed protein throwback: burgers.

Sure, we’re a health town, but this city has some of the best burgers in the country. Here are the best 15 burgers in L.A., ranked.

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Lizzie Garrett Mettler

15. Burger At Pie 'n Burger

Because we're fools for the old school: Since 1963, Angelenos have been coming to this Pasadena diner to enjoy Thousand Island dressing-slathered burgers, syrupy soda and an apple pie.

913 E. California Blvd., Pasadena; 626-795-1123 or

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14. Breakfast Burger At Cassell's

In this hotel lobby diner, you can start your morning the right way with an avocado, fried egg and spicy mayo sandwich…served in a hash-brown “bun.”

Hotel Normandie, 3600 W. Sixth St.; 213-387-5502 or

Heather Platt

13. Fritzi Burger At Fritzi

You can choose between the slab-bacon-beef blend, beef or turkey patties, piled with fontina, iceberg, spicy Calabrese relish and Thousand Island dressing. Get potato waffles on the side, because you’re all in at this point.

814 Traction Ave.; 213-537-0327 or

12. Le Burger At Leona

You’re a block from the beach, so ease into a booth after sunbathing, not before. Because after you feast on this huge cheesy favorite, there’s no way you’re going to feel like walking around half naked. Actually, screw it. Go on with your bad self.

123 Washington Blvd., Venice; 310-822-5379 or

11. K Burger At K Ramen. Burger. Beer.

Your friends will think you’re eating at pricy sushi joint Katsuya, while you’re actually stealing upstairs to the new pop-up restaurant above it to have two four-ounce beef patties and caramelized onion, tomato and American cheese dripping with the house spicy mayo. Wash it down with a frozen Kirin.

702 Americana Way, 2nd fl., Glendale; 818-741-2701 or

10. Grass-fed Beef Burger At Winsome

Maybe it’s that special beef. Or the perfectly seared bun. More likely, it’s the delicate (a weird burger adjective, but accurate) flavor of the aged white cheddar and pickled shallots that raise the burger at this new Echo Park hot spot to the next level.

1115 Sunset Blvd.; 213-415-1818 or

9. Habanero Burger At Haché La

This self-described “new age burger stand” may or may not have a spiritual component, but we feel pretty blissed out after eating this pile of deliciousness with assorted chiles, garlic mayo and queso fresco. And what the hell--spend the extra buck to have a fried egg added for extra gooey goodness.

3319 W. Sunset Blvd.; 323-928-2963 or

8. Prime Burger At Redbird

Foodies evangelize about chef Neal Fraser and his soaring downtown restaurant inside a renovated cathedral. The savory purity of his burger will make you a convert, too: aged cheddar, remoulade and juicy top-quality beef.

114 E. Second St.; 213-788-1191 or

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7. Wagyu Burger At Bachi Burger

Here, you’re getting a burger with intensely marbled beef and the chance to add cheffy extras like onion marmalade, apple-wood-smoked Duroc bacon and Point Reyes blue cheese. And of course, fried onion rings. You will literally need a knife.

2030 Sawtelle Blvd.;

6. Cheeseburger At Everson Royce Bar

Not a big bunch of fixins here; just American cheese and Dijonnaise. No tomato. No lettuce. It's that perfectly elegant 80/20 blend of prime chuck meat to fat.

1936 E. Seventh St.; 213-335-6166 or

5. Peppersteak Burger At Beer Belly

Order this extravaganza, which comes heaped with fried onions and green peppers, cheddar cheese and both Worcestershire mayo and barbecue steak sauce. It’s a mouthful--so you’ll really appreciate the more than dozen craft beers to choose from as accompaniment.

532 S. Western; 213-387-2337 or

4. Protein Style At Belcampo Meat Co.

Here’s a tip: Get the Belcampo burger protein-style, i.e., wrapped in a lettuce leaf instead of a bun, so that you can better enjoy the freshness of the grass-fed beef that this company not only raises and butchers but also sells for cooking at home.

1026 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica; 424-744-8008 or

3. Build Your Own Burger At The Counter

Not for the indecisive, this chain of fast-casual spots asks that you choose from so, so many options, from lamb to bison to ahi. We recommend the situation pictured here, because who wants to pause to eat their string onions on the side?

Locations here

2. Animal Style At In-n-out

See those savory flecks of chopped grilled onions stuck in cheese? They're from the Southland chain’s “secret menu”--mustard-cooked beef with extra sauce and grilled onions. You know, like a really good bowl of dog food.

Locations here

1. Shake Shack

This New York-based chain has come to town with major fanfare and long lines that are so worth it. Roll up to the outdoor counter with your dog, and while you’re ordering a delicious burger served on a potato bun, don’t forget the side of house-made dog biscuits. Because sorry, Rover--you’re not getting even a bite of this succulent burger.

8520 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hollywood; 323-488-3010 or

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