Starbucks Just Launched Its Summer Menu Remix, Adding 3 New Bevs to the Roster for a Limited Time

starbucks summer menu remix 2023: three new starbucks summer remix drinks on a pink background

Starbucks launched Frozen Refreshers, the Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino and the White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew earlier this summer. Just when you thought the chain was laying low until PSL season, they followed up with a Summer Menu Remix. Starting August 14, customers can order three limited-time drinks, both in store and on the Starbucks app.

The new sippers are riffs on menu items that you already know and love. They’re a nod to the tradition of Starbucks fans customizing their favorite beverages, but this way, the experts do all the work for you. There’s an option for coffee lovers, one for tea stans and one blended bev that will satisfy Frappuccino fans. Read on for details.

The 12 Best Summer Starbucks Drinks, Plus New Menu Items for 2023

starbucks summer menu remix 2023: chocolate caramel cream cold brew

1. Chocolate Cream Cold Brew with Caramel Syrup in a Caramel-Lined Cup

If you like your cup of joe to double as dessert, look no further than this sweet treat. The O.G. chocolate cream cold brew is sweetened with vanilla syrup, but caramel takes over in this remixed version. The cup is also lined with caramel syrup to drive the flavor home, and the drink is crowned with velvety chocolate cold foam for good measure.

starbucks summer menu remix 2023: iced chai latte with matcha cold foam

2. Iced Chai Latte with Matcha Cream Cold Foam

Can’t decide between spicy, warming chai and earthy, mellow matcha? Go ahead and choose both with this Insta-worthy tea latte. The base is an iced chai made with your choice of milk, while the top is a frothy mix of matcha powder, heavy cream and low-fat milk.

starbucks summer menu remix 2023: blended black tea lemonade

3. Blended Iced Black Tea Lemonade

As if the on-the-rocks version wasn’t refreshing enough. This take on the Arnold Palmer-esque drink hit menus for a limited time last summer. Ask for a few pumps of Classic syrup if you like it sweet or for no Classic if you want the bright, acidic lemonade to shine. (The lemonade is already sweetened, so you’ll still get a slight sugar boost.)

Last year’s summer remix menu also featured Pink Drink with Vanilla Cream Cold Foam, Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew in a Caramel-Lined Cup and—wait for it—Cold Brew with Lemonade.

Excuse us while we take a coffee break.

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