The Always Pan Has a Bestie That’s Just as Multifunctional: The Perfect Pot

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We’ve been waxing poetic about our love for Our Place’s Always Pan for some time now. If you haven’t had the pleasure of using one yet, the Always Pan is an all-in-one nonstick skillet that’s designed to replace a 16-piece cookware set. It strikes the optimal balance between elegance and utility with its chic appearance and myriad uses. And now, it has the ultimate partner in crime: the Perfect Pot. Read on to find out how we liked it after testing it at home (or um, to add one to your shopping cart as soon as humanly possible since it's $40 off during Our Place's Spring Sale.)

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Our Place

What Is Our Place’s Perfect Pot?

  • Value: 18/20
  • Functionality: 19/20
  • Ease of Use: 18/20
  • Aesthetics: 20/20
  • Versatility: 19/20

TOTAL: 94/100

In short, it’s the pot to end all pots. Its capabilities make it one pot that does the work of many, all while sporting an elegant appearance and a gloriously slippery nontoxic coating that keeps food from sticking to it. Just like the Always Pan, the Perfect Pot is complete with built-in hacks designed to save you time and storage space in the kitchen (and make it your new favorite piece of cookware).

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It’s meant to replace eight kitchen staples: Your stockpot, sauce pot, Dutch oven (yup—it’s oven safe up to 425°F), roasting rack, steamer, strainer, braiser and spoon rest. Needless to say, it’s just as multifunctional as its predecessor. Here are a few of our favorite tricks that the Perfect Pot has up its sleeve.

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It’s A Stockpot, Dutch Oven And Saucepot All In One

Whether you’re making your favorite pasta dish on the stovetop or slow-cooking stew in the oven, the Perfect Pot will get the job done—and look good doing it. This culinary powerhouse can boil, crisp, braise, bake and even strain and pour, thanks to the built-in strainer on the lid. You can easily align the strainer holes on the lid with the generous pour spout on the pot to empty pasta water or broth without needing to dig out a colander. The modular lid also allows you to release or lock in steam through the strainer holes, depending on what you’re cooking. (Did we mention the Perfect Pot is also going to be home to our next fresh baked loaf of sourdough?)

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It Comes With A Roasting Rack (that Doubles As A Steamer)

Y’all, you’re going to want to sit down for this. We’re thoroughly obsessed with the nesting roasting rack that fits right into the pot. Its holes allow heat to reach everything from salmon fillets to potatoes to a whole chicken (it’s that roomy) with minimal contact, ensuring an extra crispy exterior every time. (Trust us: We tried it ourselves with chicken thighs and it worked like a charm.)

Even better, the roasting rack doubles as a steamer, which is great for vegetables, dumplings, tamales and beyond. To steam instead of roast, just fill the bottom of the pot with water until it almost reaches the steaming rack, place your food on top and cover the pot with the strainer holes closed. Just be sure to check it every so often to make sure all the water hasn’t evaporated.

Not only does the Perfect Pot come with a handy roasting-steaming rack hybrid, but it also includes a beechwood spoon complete with notches in its handle. These allow the spoon to nest directly on the pot, so you can spare yourself a dirty spoon rest to wash (or um, a dirty counter, if you’re wild like that).

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Our Place

It’s Lightweight, Well Made And Easy On The Eyes

Unlike many stockpots, which are like, a million pounds, the Perfect Pot is about a third of the weight of the average Dutch oven. That means it’s easier to transfer from stove to oven and a cinch to wash. You can thank its sturdy-yet-light aluminum body for its transportability. Since aluminum is ultra-conductive, it makes for fast and even heat distribution, and you’ll never have to go higher than medium on the stove. (It’s easier on the nonstick coating anyway.)

Speaking of the nonstick coating that made the Always Pan famous, the Perfect Pot is lined with a nontoxic ceramic coating that’s free of PFOAs, PTFEs, lead, cadmium, toxic metals and nanoparticles. It’s easy to maintain too: A bit of high smoke point oil will keep the nonstick layer intact—just don’t use any cooking sprays on it.

Our one complaint about the Perfect Pot is that the handles get hot (it’s our singular complaint about the Always Pan, too)—but we’re betting it takes some serious sorcery to craft a heatproof handle that’s also oven-safe. And while it may feel pricy at $165 a pop, keep in mind that the Perfect Pot is meant to substitute eight cookware essentials (and we doubt you could get a Dutch oven, roasting rack and stockpot for less, let alone all the other pieces too).

Long story short: If you already love the Always Pan, you’re bound to love the Perfect Pot. And if you haven’t tried either…what the heck are you waiting for? The Perfect Pot is available in eight dreamy shades, including the recently launched "Acid" colorway.

We’d act fast if we were you—Perfect Pot is currently on sale for $125 through May 8.

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