30 Low Calorie Pasta Recipes You Need to Try Now

Easy to make, easier to eat

Have you heard the news? According to the most glorious study of all time, pasta isn’t as unhealthy as we originally thought. This calls for a celebration: Try one of these lighter, low-calorie pasta recipes for dinner tonight.

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1. Coconut Curry Pasta With Clams, Mussels And Corn

Craving a creamy sauce? Swap coconut milk for dairy and you’ll cut your calories in half.

2. Carrot Pasta

No need to feel guilty about getting another helping of these gnocchi-like clouds.

3. Cauliflower Mac And Cheese

Thanks to the world’s most versatile veggie, a bowl of this stuff is under 500 calories.

4. Fettuccine With Mushroom Alfredo

This lighter take uses milk instead of cream, so feel free to have seconds.

5. Pesto Zoodles

OK, this isn’t technically pasta, but it’s just as good. We promise.

6. Mixed Greens Lasagna

There’s so much kale hidden in here, it’s practically a salad.

7. Spaghetti With Avocado Sauce

Sayonara, marinara.

8. Pasta With Cherry Tomatoes

Use light ricotta cheese to make the dish even lighter.

9. Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Pile the veggies high.

10. One-pot Pasta With Peas And Artichokes

We’d like some more, peas.

11. Skinny Shrimp Alfredo Pasta Bake

A tasty new take on baked ziti.

12. Mushroom Alfredo Pasta Bake

Just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have a liiiitle bit of Gruyère cheese.

low calorie pasta recipes
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13. 15-minute Lemony Broccolini Pasta

It’s gorgeous enough to serve at your next dinner party, but not too fancy for the kiddos.

low calorie pasta recipes tomato basil
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14. One-pot Tomato Basil Pasta

The best part (beyond having just one pot to clean)? Once you’ve mastered this version, you can customize the recipe to your heart’s content.

low calorie pasta recipes tomatoes and burrata
Damn Delicious

15. Summer Spaghetti With Tomatoes And Burrata

It's pretty magical and not too fancy for the kiddos.

low calorie pasta recipes grain free mushroom spinach leek
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16. Grain-free Mushroom, Spinach And Leek Pasta

You can use any variety of grain-free pasta, but we’re a big fan of the Cappello’s brand: fresh pasta that’s both gluten- and grain-free.

low calorie pasta recipes tomato red lentil
Half Baked Harvest

17. Golden Sundried Tomato Red Lentil Pasta

This bright red pasta is packed with fiber and healthy carbs—plus, it’s so much prettier than the regular kind.

low calorie pasta recipes one pot primavera
Foodie Crush

18. One-pot Skinny Pasta Primavera

Half pasta, half veggies and topped with creamy almond milk sauce.

low calorie pasta recipes fajita
Pinch of Yum

19. Skinny Fajita Shrimp Pasta

Make it with whole-wheat pasta for a little extra virtue.

low calorie pasta recipes vegan spaghetti squash mushroom marinara sauce
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20. Vegan Spaghetti Squash With Mushroom Marinara Sauce

Psst: Subbing in veggies for pasta means you can have two bowls.

low calorie pasta recipes creamy vegan pesto
Oh My Veggies

21. Creamy Vegan Pesto Pasta

Need an easy weeknight dinner? Use store-bought pesto.

low calorie pasta recipes balsamic veggie
Gimme Some Oven

22. Easy Balsamic Veggie Pasta

This fresh mix of vegetables and balsamic is filling and healthy at the same time.

low calorie pasta recipes pesto
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23. Whole-grain Pasta With Pesto, Mozzarella, Pine Nuts And Tomato

The perfect not-sad-desk-lunch option.

low calorie pasta recipes baked zucchini ziti spirals with mozzarella recipe
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24. Baked Zucchini 'ziti' Spirals With Mozzarella

Even the kids will love this one.

low calorie pasta recipes vegan zucchini spaghetti puttanesca

25. Vegan Zucchini Spaghetti Puttanesca

This recipe from Coterie member Ali Maffucci is little bit spicy, a little bit briny and a lot delicious.

low calorie pasta recipes butternut squash carbonara recipe
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26. Butternut Squash Carbonara

Add in some mashed butternut squash and cut down on the butter and your favorite decadent dish is officially healthy.

low calorie pasta recipes alfredo
What's Gaby Cooking

27. Cauliflower Alfredo Pasta

Our favorite veggie saves the day. It’s rich and creamy, without all the calories.

low calorie pasta recipes peanut ginger noodles
The Recipe Critic

28. Peanut Ginger Noodles

It tastes just like takeout but will set you back only 400 calories.

low calorie pasta recipes zucchini
Minimalist Baker

29. Zucchini Pasta With Lentil Bolognese

Bonus: It’s ready in just 30 minutes.

low calorie pasta recipes limone1
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30. One-pot, 15-minute Pasta Limone

This one-pot, pasta limone is like dinner in your back pocket: You likely have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already, and it comes together in practically no time.

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