LaCroix Is Ringing in Spring with *Two* Shiny New Flavors: Limoncello and Watermelon

You know what they say: New year, same us…chugging cans of LaCroix like they’re going out of style. (They don’t say that, but they should.) Luckily, everyone’s favorite sparkling water brand just announced not one, but two new flavors coming this spring, and we like the sound of them.

LaCroix Limoncello (stylized as LimonCello, because it’s LaCroix, duh) and Pastèque (ahem, that’s French for watermelon) will hit shelves sometime this spring, according to the brand. It broke the news about Limoncello across its social media accounts in December 2019, writing, “The Extravagance of Delicious! #LaCroixLimonCello Coming 2020!” The can design features sunny yellow stripes that give off Almafi Coast vibes and will probably fuel about a billion Instagram posts when the flavor is released nationwide. And compared to the last new flavor launch, Hi-Biscus!, the public response to LimonCello has been much more positive. “You’ve outdone yourself, sweetheart,” one Twitter user wrote, which captures the sentiment of everyone else pretty accurately. Yet another said, “Currently the thing I have the most excitement for in 2020.” Same.

The announcement of watermelon, however, is a delightful new surprise. In case you forgot, many fans were let down when what they thought was watermelon turned out to be Hi-Biscus! (We didn’t think it was that bad…) Per LaCroix, “Pastèque captures lusciousness of a sweet watermelon and is one of the most highly-anticipated flavors to date.”

And if you’re wondering how LimonCello will differ from the brand’s existing lemon flavor, well…that’s a great question. We’re honestly not sure what to expect. Limoncello is a sweetened lemon liqueur, so maybe it will taste sweeter? More lemony? Boozy? Vacation-y? “Extravagant”? All of the above?

We suppose we’ll have to hunt down some cans to find out—the new flavors will be available nationwide this spring. Until then, you can find us guzzling, er, sipping our favorite Pamplemousse.

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