LaCroix Just Announced Its Newest Flavor and People Have a Lot of Feelings

There are two kinds of seltzer drinkers in the world: Those who must drink LaCroix pamplemousse, and those who don't really care, as long as it has bubbles and a whisper of fake fruit flavor. So every time a new LaCroix flavor comes out, we always expect a divided response.

2019's latest can is no exception: After teasing an unlabeled bright-pink-and-green can on Twitter, LaCroix just revealed that the newest bubbly family member is none other than hibiscus (or, as it's labeled, “HI-Biscus!”). And of course, the people have *feelings.*

An overwhelming amount of devoted LaCroix drinkers were hoping for watermelon. (Ooh, we like the sound of that). Others thought the pink and green theme meant strawberry-kiwi, strawberry lemonade, raspberry-lime or dragonfruit. Some responded with excitement. But most were just confused and disappointed.

We have to say, LaCroix fans, this is not bad news! Sure, you may not be guzzling down a Jolly Rancher–inspired seltzer anytime soon, but it could've been so much worse. Have you ever tried hibiscus tea? It's pretty damn refreshing, and tastes more like a tart, mysterious berry than a bouquet of flowers. And ever since the LaCroix boom of 2016, the brand has been branching out with more exotic flavor offerings. Muré pepino, anyone?

According to LaCroix, HI-Biscus will “soon be available, starting in the Western United States.”

We'll make our final verdict when we taste this HI-Biscus stuff for ourself. After all, if it has bubbles, it can't be that bad. (Plus, it's pink.)


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