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As your sliced eggplant (or brussels sprouts or carrots), generously coated in EVOO and seasoned just right with salt and pepper, cooks inside your oven at 425°F, you think to yourself,Now this is a recipe I can’t mess up. But when you take them out, you realize they’re soggy and falling apart. Noooo.

Here’s what you might be doing wrong: You’re overcrowding the sheet pan. 

Here’s why it matters: Your vegetables need their space. If they are layered on top of each other and don’t have enough contact with the hot pan, they’ll steam instead of roast, which creates that soft, fall-apart texture. Yeah, kinda the opposite of what you were going for. 

How to fix it: Give your veggies some space to roast by using two sheet pans instead of one and making sure the pieces aren’t too close together. Yep, it’s that simple.

Cheers to a frustrating cooking problem solved with the easiest solution ever.

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